Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More From OFA's Bag of Dirty Tricks

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For those skeptics that have naysayed my "Special Interest" video, here are some delightful excerpts from Organizing for America's astroturf email alerts, all emphasis mine:

Big news on health care: The House just released a detailed reform plan. And at the same time, we're hearing reports of incredible spending -- nearly $10 million each week -- by lobbyists trying to stop progress.
As the President has said, we're either going to get real health care reform this year, or not at all. And with so much pressure from insiders squeezing Congress every day, the outcome is far from certain.

If all of us declare our support -- and ask our friends, family, and neighbors do the same -- we can make sure the voters are heard louder than the lobbyists and pass the real reform we so desperately need.
Every single day, special interests spend a staggering $1.4 million lobbying Congress to shut down the President's agenda for health care reform. To fix our broken system, we'll have to counter big corporate money with a grassroots network of folks like you.

And this is just the tip of the iceburg. This is the type of deluded and manipulative slop that they send out on a weekly basis. It makes me so angry that he and his minions get to slander innocent citizens who are exercising their Constitutional right to oppose his policies and legislation. What a self-righteous, lying, smarmy, underhanded, looting, plundering, crook! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. God forbid that your opposition is just normal, average citizens that disagree with you! Nope, better create some sort of boogie monster to fight.

Again, say it loud and say it proud, I AM NOT A SPECIAL INTEREST!

The other totally grotesque piece of Obama's crusade to kill health care is his sick, and slick, rhetoric, not wholly different from his Hope and Change branding. Check this next excerpt out, and see if you can spot the sliminess:

We need to make sure every single member of Congress hears overwhelming support for President Obama's three principles: Health care reform must reduce costs, guarantee choice -- including the choice of a strong public insurance option, and ensure all Americans have quality, affordable health care. So we need to take our work to the next level. And that means collecting as many signatures as possible in support of the President's three principles. Sign your name in support of the President's health care principles.

This is why our country is floundering. All the man has to do is put down "three principles" without EVER explaining what they mean or how they could be implemented. For instance, it would be nice if he ever discussed what reducing costs means and how we could do this. Does he mean cost to doctors, cost to patients, cost of treatments, cost of what?? Now, specifically, what does guaranteeing choice mean, and how is he going to do it? Oh, and my favorite, the most banal, generic statement ever. He intends to ensure that we all have quality, affordable health care. Oh gosh! Thanks 'Bam. How exactly do you plan on doing that? What if we don't want your help? Alas, he doesn't have to answer any of those questions in any sort of authentic, detailed, or specific manner. He speaks in vague, mystical, circular ways that make people feel good and cause teleprompters to crash to the ground. He might as well just say, "I will make you happy." Why not? What's the difference?


Obama's foot soldiers are pounding the pavement to push Obamacare. What are you doing? Listening to talk radio is not enough, nor is calling/writing/faxing your Reps. You MUST get out into your community as well. Go here to print off a ton of our flyers about health care. Then distribute them. Here are some ideas:

  • Go around your neighborhood and hand them out, or just leave them at the door
  • Stand outside a grocery store (or similar) and hand them out
  • Put one on every car at the stores in your neighborhood

Please, please, please get out there because every minute that you are not, 25 of OFA's finest are out there working.

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