Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kirby Wilbur has a new blog!

Check it out!!


  1. Wa Policy Org mentioned their film to be shown around our state on Sunday (on global warming info)...........we live near Olympia and do not find it on the St Martin's calendar...I have called the college and they have not replied.
    Can anyone confirm?????????

  2. KVI Radio as of this morning - there is no Kirby Wilber! 206 421 5757

    The other phone number they will give you is: 206 404 3010 - this will give you a recorded message re Wilber - you can leave a message - nice of them,

    I don't know the WHY but boom!, this morning no Kirby Wilber! I checked the KVI site and boom! No reference to Kirby Wilber. i clicked on his link under KVI (not wiped off yet) and the page said 'oops, must be broken' (that was the first time) Within 5 minutes I checked it again and that link had a different message (not working or something).

    I called the 206 421 5757 number and asked the fella what's with no Kirby Wilber? Have the administration thugs threatened you FCC license? He assured me that wasn't it and I said "yeah, right - you better wake up before there is no more FREE OPEN radio - you better speak out and fight this mess NOW - and he hung up on me.

    So - for all I know, his contract ran out and he just decided not to tell anyone --- Yea think so? I don't.....


    I don't know how to do twitter and facebook and the other one too. If any of you know how to do that, please see if you can determine what is up with Kirby Wilber and let me know - please.



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