Friday, July 17, 2009

Health Care Battle: Post #1

I have a lot of info so I am breaking it into manageable chunks. Stay tuned for the rest!

Way to go patriots! Here in WA State we had citizen activists at every single office of every federal legislator from our state!! Congratulations! And a special congratulations to Everett where 200 patriots came out to show their opposition to rationed, poor quality, and expensive health care - a.k.a. government run health care!

Important Items:

1. If you have pictures from your event, please email me at

2. You MUST keep calling, emailing, and faxing your opinions to Congress, especially committee members and legislator's who are on the edge. Keep asking them if they will pledge to use the same crappy system they are forcing us to use. Don't waste your time with those that are fully committed to ruining our health care.
  • List of legislators and phone numbers, including Blue Dog Dems here
  • Health care talking points here
  • Questions to ask your legislators when you call, email, fax, or visit in person here
  • Very important! Record results from your phone calls/faxes here!
  • Protest sign ideas here

3. I had the opportunity to take part in a very short conference call with Rep. McMorris Rodgers and Rep. Reichert a few days ago, and Reichert shared some very important information. During the committee hearings on health care, each side is allowed to bring "witnesses." But guess what. The minority party is allowed ONE witness for every FIVE of the majority party's witnesses! So when they air the hearings it appears as though everyone is testifying in support of socialized medicine.

Now for something TOTALLY DISTURBING:

I tried to enter the Federal Building here in Seattle to drop off letters to Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and I was not allowed to enter because I didn't have photo I.D. with me (I had left my purse in the car.) My question: why is a photo I.D. required to enter federal property, which I partially own through my taxes, but you do not need a photo I.D. to VOTE?


  1. That stinks. We were able to get into Rep. Larsen's office and Sen. Cantwell's but we had to leave our letters and pink slips under the door at Sen. Murray's. I think we may have drummed up the interest of the Everett Herald again.

  2. Twenty of us were able to walk into Jay Inslee's Shoreline office to hand letters to his assistant and discuss issues with him for 30 minutes.

  3. Nice of Dave to share the information on hearings,
    however he evidently doesn't hear us before voting
    as in Cap and Tax.

    I hope when it comes back to conference he has become an actual expert on that issue and votes for reality this time verses a false fix for a huge scam that destroys jobs
    and the future of our children!

  4. Freedom defenderJuly 20, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    I went to the downtown Federal offices for Senators Murray and Cantwell to hand deliver my letter of protest. I also had a copy for the staffers to sign and Cantwell's office absolutely FREAKED OUT at the idea of having to sign their name to something. Freedomdefender


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