Thursday, July 2, 2009

For the Gazillionth Time: We Are Not Special Interests!

I'm getting so incredibly sick and tired of Dear Leader accusing anyone who disagrees with him on policy of being a "special interest." Besides that being blatantly false, I also want to ask him, what about the actual special interests that bought the Presidency for you??!! NEA, SEIU, AFL-CIO, UAW, every other union thug, Greenpeace, La Raza, etc. The list goes on and on of groups that you, Mr. President, not only take gobs of money from, but who you also pay back with massive political favors and my tax dollars. Your minions in the House also used my tax dollars to bribe other Representatives into voting yes for that monstrosity of a bill, cap-and-trade. I've got eight words for you 'Bam: Mr. President, I am not a special interest.


  1. You go Liberty!! New Political Joke: Do you know the REAL difference between a Democrat-friendly "public interest organization(PIC)" and a reviled "special interest organization(SIO)"?? The PIC receives and operates on TAXPAYER DOLLARS and the SIO gets batted like a pinata by Democrat Congressional Committee Chairmen and their MSM Cheerleaders.

  2. Heck, if we WERE special interests, we'd be invited to the "town hall" meetings and be allowed to ask our "pre-screened" questions that Obama could so eloquently answer!

  3. Special interest is of course a code word cultivated for the consumption of the ignorant and the carefully crafted message that the sinister forces screwing everything up come out of the past and from the right.
    I would say "vested interests" in our own futures is a more apt description of those that do not play his game.
    Thankfully some have come out of their stupor, he is no longer enjoying as much blind consent to be governed by an inexperienced, narcissistic, ideologue as he once was.

  4. I believe, with enough bribr money, you too can be a Special Interest!

  5. So, where were all of you "non-special interest" folks when the previous administration spent like a drunk sailor and facilitated the largest government growth in almost a hundred years? Where was the outrage then? For the record, I'm not in either camp. Just interesting to see so many people all of the sudden so outraged with THIS President for things that have been going on for much longer.

    Where was everyone's outrage when jobs that held together the middle class were being shipped out through questionable trade agreements? Or is it because these jobs were filled with Union workers that you didn't care, since union workers are apparently not people just like you and me and don't deserve to negotiate for fair wages. Sure there are bad apples within the ranks, but let's not paint everyone with the same brush. There are plenty of bad apples in the corporate world, but we don't lump all of them together and rail against corporate thuggery now do we. This us-against-them nonsense that everyone's been grasping onto lately will get us nowhere closer to resolving complex issues like healthcare or cap and trade. These straw men and ad hominem arguments accomplish nothing but what's already being done through our poor educational system - confuse the already scared, poor, and uneducated.

    P.S. really, Greenpeace? Apparently trying to save a few whales is all of a sudden akin to rigging votes (allegedly) and intimidating voters (allegedly). Come on, you can do better then this.

  6. I picked up a flyer at a Tea Party in Mansfield, Ohio Saturday morning that dealt with Health Care Reform and it listed The Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty as compiler of the information. I searched the Internet and came across your blog.

    I really enjoyed your post. It epitomized what the average American thinks now about the direction the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House are taking the nation.

    The people in the video are also representative of the participants in the TEA Party Movement and Protests going on across the land.

    I took the Liberty to post your comments and video to my blog, Thank you for your post and keep up the excellent work . . .

    [ see ]

    Thanks for the information on Health Care Reform, too.

  7. Anonymous - the question isn't where we were - the question is where were you and your friends and what were you thinking when this way, way worse drunken sailor was voted into office? I know I and all conservatives I know have been opposed irresponsible spending for generations, no matter what letter comes behind the politician's name - and that certainly included the last 8 years - which by the way had D and (some) R (mainly Republicans in Name only) involvement every single step of the way, lest you doubt it. By the way, I'm glad to hear that you're not in either camp - but you need to come to grips that Obama has raised the national debt from 10.5 billion to 11.5 billion in 6 months friend...we need to STOP that bleeding any suggestions?

  8. sorry 10.5 trillion to 11.5 trillion...meant to say above.

  9. There were approx. 1,000 of us in Olympia, WA for Tea Party III or perhaps IV (not quite sure) and it was no was well done and many spoke their minds, waved flags, prayed, sang and show their patriotism and their anger at the current debacle in DC - plus there was a lot of encouragement to stay involved.

    Don’t lose heart - the very fact that we’re currently decentralized, is a good thing - there is no party dictating to us. Ideas like were discussed as a way to limit the enormous fiscal reach of our reckless, lawless federal marxist government.

    That said, we do need to organize and develop leadership.

    Way to go Tea Partiers!


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