Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boycott Simon Property Group - Updated

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Okay, enough. Simon Property Group, the same group that forced the cancellation of the Atlanta 4th of July Tea Party, has now removed a Conservative leaning kiosk at one of their malls in North Carolina. Via Drudge, two people complained about the kiosk, saying that the merchandise was "promoting racism, sexism, and even slavery." Here is a sample of some of the bumper stickers:

  • Work Harder! Obama needs the money.
  • Impeach Obama
  • Al Qaida's 2 favorite days: 9/11/01 and 11/04/08
  • My parents chose life, Thanks mom and dad!
  • Global warming is a hoax!
  • Keep America UNchanged

Another novelty item:

  • IRS 1040 toilet paper rolls

I'm not surprised that one woman and her friend (whom she prodded into writing a letter as well) could slander this man and get him thrown out.

What to do about it? Tweet, blog, write letters about boycotting Simon Property Group properties. Make this go viral. We do not need to be spending money at places like this. As a reminder, the owner of Simon Property is a huuuuuge contributor to Democrat candidates, including millions to Barack Obama.

Go to their website and click on the button at the top that says, "Find a Simon mall or center." Figure out which malls they own, and then boycott them. Don't give your hard earned, hard fought for dollars to a man who runs his mall like North Korea.


From a reader, the Simon Property centers in Washington State:
Northgate Mall, Tacoma Mall, Seattle Premium Outlets (Tulalip), Factory Stores at North Bend, and Columbia Center in Kennewick.


  1. Thanks so much for your work. I'm contacting the In-laws in Charlotte, NC - to let them know about this. I say boycott Simon and their "Lesees" - and tell the shops why. This strong armed - Jack-Booted Thuggery must be met with a fight. And enough is ENOUGH. Don B. from Texas

  2. Just to save time for someone who is working and doesn't have time to surf the Simon Properties Website, here are their Washington State properties:

    Northgate Mall, Tacoma Mall, Seattle Premium Outlets (Tulalip), Factory Stores at North Bend, and Columbia Center in Kennewick.

  3. In the New Orleans area: Lakeside Mall and Esplanade Mall.

  4. The key is not just contacting the simon mall in your area, but contacting the stores AT the mall and letting them know that because the company that holds the lease on their building does not respect freedom of speech or free market principles (if the items were that offensive the owner would not have generated revenue to stay open and hence would have shut down on their own) that you will not be shopping at said sears/jcpenny/macys, etc.. Pressure Simon and they will act like its nothing but a few right wing kooks, pressure their tenents and they will have to act.

  5. The kiosk was removed because he didn't pay his rent. Business is business.

  6. I recently heard that in the Malls owned by Simon Properties no anti Obama merchandise can be sold, and Kiosk are being kicked out for selling this merchandise. I have been to Simon owned Malls many times. I can assure you, as much shopping as I do, I will never again step foot in ANY Mall owned by this company. And I hope that other TRUE AMERICANS WILL DO THE SAME. What has happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH, is that also being taken away from Americans? If it weren't for the way this country has been up until NOW, they would not have had the opportunity to become the millionaires that they are, "Mr. Simon". This GREAT COUNTRY GAVE THEM THE OPPORTUNITY. We as Americans have the FREEDOM TO EXPRESS OUR THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS, we are the same Americans that shop at these Malls. The fact that he is a HUGE contributor to Mr. Obama, makes it that more appalling. It doesn't matter if you like Obama or not, this is clearly another step toward socialism, marxism, and communism. Obama should loudly speak up against these actions. WAKE UP AMERICA, SAVE OUR FREEDOM, THIS IS A DISGRACE - - - -


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