Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tea Party Afterglow

Another successful Tea Party ladies and gentlemen! I'm waiting to get the footage from various sources so that I can edit something together to post. Thomas Paine (Bob Basso) was BRILLIANT!! It was one of the best speeches I've ever witnessed, and funny, he didn't use any teleprompters...

If you have photos of the event and you would like to share them, please post a link in the comments, or email me at

There were a load of good ideas and a lot of inspiration yesterday. Reverend Wayne Perryman's speech highlighted the abject failure of many government-run programs and departments, asking the President, what will you put on the government's resume when it applies for the job of health care insurer? It was also BRILLIANT!

I hope everyone had a good time! I forgot to put sunscreen on and got fried, but it was worth it. I had a blast! 

Remember, the Tea Parties are only the very first step. It matters greatly what you do in between these moments. Write letters, make phone calls, print out flyers and go stand in front of the grocery store and hand them out or walk around your neighborhood to talk with your neighbors, get people to sign petitions, etc. These all need to be happening in between Tea Parties because the politicians obviously aren't listening. It's time we try to change the minds of our friends and neighbors instead/as well. 

We gave out lots of pink slips for people to send to our "nonrepresenting representatives!" Code Pinko would have been proud. We had a life size, shiny pink slip signed by "the people." Maybe we should deliver it to Dave Reichert's office on Tuesday...

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon and give yourselves a pat on the back for yesterday. Don't forget to check out for 4th of July Tea Party locations!!!


  1. Why would we punish Reichert? He only won reelection by a 53%-47% margin. Somehing like 70% of his district suuports cap and trade. He is probably the only Republican likely to hold that seat for the GOP. Primairing him would feel good, right up till the first Tuesday in November. Moderates can suck, but we need them right now.

  2. Did Reichert try to educate his district on the economic downside of Cap and Tax for people on fixed incomes, for young families...really for anyone who uses electricity for lighting, natural gas for cooking and heating, gasoline for driving to the grocery store and doctor? Did he have townhall meetings or send out literature explaining why this bill is not going to impact the environment but it will make the cost of utilities SKYROCKET for the consumer, as stated in an interview by then SENATOR Obama? If he were true to his principles, he would have made the effort to lead.

  3. there has been a nationwide call to go Galt on July 30th
    To stay home and spend no money see details at link below!

  4. Not sure whether you mean the Olympia Tea Party/Picnic on 27JUN09, but assuming you do, here are some pictures of the event:

  5. Midnight Rider,
    maybe those who preach personal responsibility should try that sometime and actually educate THEMSELVES about the current issues, rather than watching another (I'm sure riveting) multi-hour display of cars driving in a circle, and then relying on people who have a "dog in the fight" to explain to them what cap and trade really means. Yeah, I'm sure no bias opinions will be presented there.

    It's funny how the GOP base is full of good, family loving and God-fearing people, who put their faith in their elected officials to make sure that their kids have good schools to go to, they have jobs and ability to get good and affordable healthcare, only to have the latter spit in their faces and sell them out to the highest bidder. Yet, the same people keep voting for the same politicians, while getting bent over a barrel.

  6. knowledge is the only commodity that needs redistributing--Amen..knowledge makes for powerful citizens who can engage in the civics process and with the power of knowledge comes responsibility...responsibility to participate and to hold our elected officials accountable with passionate non-partisanship, there is the swelling of a great sea of political activism and
    the "change" is here right now..if more people would pay attention for more than a soundbite and not just trust the news but their good old American cynicism and intuition, they'd see that the Tea Party movement (while it's great) is only one representation of what's happening in America, buckle up all you pork barrel / special interest loving pols...there's chop ahead and it may last the rest of the flight!

    Check out when you have a moment. Connecting citizens with govt. on social platform, redefining democracy one click at a time. Good stuff.


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