Friday, June 19, 2009

Patriot Academy - I Got In!

I have some wonderful news! I was invited to apply, and was accepted into, Patriot Academy. This is a very special honor because they allowed me to apply in spite of my age. You see, the age limit is 25 and I am 29, so I feel very lucky to have been granted this opportunity.

A short description of Patriot Academy, via their website (linked above):
Patriot Academy is a five-day political training program where students age sixteen to twenty-five learn about America's system of government from a Biblical worldview. Each summer, young people from around the nation come to the Texas State Capitol to form a fully functioning mock legislative body, drafting legislation, debating bills and passing laws. Students participate in fast-paced, interactive workshops on media relations, public speaking, campaigning techniques and the founding father’s philosophy of government. Current and former elected officials and experts share their personal experience in government and discuss today’s most relevant issues. Today, Patriot Academy is the premier conservative political training camp in the nation, training young people to effectively engage in every aspect of government, whether as an elected official or an active citizen. As our students are equipped to effect change for the issues that matter most to them, Patriot Academy is fulfilling its vision to raise up a new generation to lead the change in America.

As this is training young people to be future leaders and candidates, we are required to fundraise our tuition to the program. There is a House of Representatives program, and a Senate program. Again, I have the honor of being invited into the Senate program in spite of this being my first year attending the training.
The cost of tuition, room and board, materials and my flight totals about $1,200.00. I must have my full tuition no later than July 7th, 2009.

I am asking you to support me, and my "campaign," by making a donation of any amount. $1, $10, whatever you can, and would like to give. Please take a look at the website to see if this is something to which you wouldn't mind donating your hard earned money.

Please make your check out to The Torch of Freedom Foundation and mail them to - 
The Torch of Freedom Foundation
PO Box 586
Dripping Springs, TX 78620
NOTE: Please be sure to email me at with your full name and address and the exact amount of your donation. I am required to fill out donation forms just like a real candidate.

In my spare time (haha) I have created a brand called Dirty Capitalist Pig (logo below.) It is copyrighted and all that jazz, and my fiance and I look forward to developing it into a full-blown business soon. I have designed my logo, and I would like to use that as an apparatus to earn money for Patriot Academy. I am now selling custom made t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, etc. with my logo on them. Therefore, if you are interested in donating to my cause as well as obtaining a totally original, custom made, awesome t-shirt, you can do both! 

To purchase your custom made t-shirt, please email me at so that we can discuss your order in detail. I'm trying to set up a Paypal system for people who are interested in this option. Again, I must be finished with my fundraising by July 7th, 2009.

Thank you for reading this and have a Liberty filled weekend!


  1. Keli
    Congratulations on getting accepted to the academy! Do you think a 47 year old could sneak in past their age limit? I guess not. So you'll have to represent all us old-guys who would have loved to do this. Have fun learning. You'll love Texas. Austin is the "liberal" part of Texas, but at least it's still Texas.
    Note that your website link above to
    came back to say it can't be found. ??

  2. Thanks Dan!
    I fixed the links - thanks for the heads up!

  3. This sounds like a great thing. It is too bad it is not more widespread. You can count on my support.

  4. Congrats and have fun! Look forward to proudly wearing a t-shirt!


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