Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. President, I Am Not a Special Interest

Have you noticed that President Obama tries to use the term "special interest" to describe all of the people who oppose his policies like universal health care, or cap-and-trade? I think it is a slimy tactic meant to reduce his opposition in the eyes of the undecided and possibly uninformed electorate. He claims that the only dissenting opinions are coming from big, scary groups like insurance companies, lobbyists, and the terminally generic "special interest groups." I'm guessing his theory is that by saying this enough he can convince everyone that it is true. So this is my response to those spurious accusations. Enjoy and pass it around a lot.


  1. That was sweet.

  2. BRAVO!
    Nice work!
    We need more of this stuff!
    I know when I fought the city council on putting the bag-tax to a vote, Tim Burgess discounted my opinion on his Blog as that of a Plastics Industy rep.
    This is SUCH a cliche response from Liberals in a Liberal city, state, etc.
    Anyone that doesn't buy into their garbage can't be real! It has to be a faceless corporation!

    I'm sick of not having validity in my own community!

    Do you mind if I repost this at my Blog?

  3. Patty Murray has a web site to collect the sob stories re: your access to health care. Be sure to give her a good story that she can use in her speeches - NOT!


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