Monday, June 1, 2009


The Campaign for Liberty website has some grrrrreeeaaatt pics from the rally! Check them out!


  1. Love the photos! Great work, everyone!

    Did you all see the news article KOMO ran ONLY showing the union side? Can you imagine the majority of people watching that news report, having no clue at all what the whole story was. That is inexcusable and deplorable. I'm so sick and tired of the main media either completely ignoring these rallies and making a mockery of the tea parties if they say anything at all. Shame on them for selling out.

    I'm really proud of The Seattle Times for not making the union march front page news. I bet the unions are seething over that.

    We need to vote Jim McDermott and Patty Murray out of office. Greg Nickels too. They have no interest in supporting liberty. The unions have too much of a stronghold on these politicians, including Governor Gregoire. I can't believe McDermott wanted the banks nationalized. What the hell kind of state are we living in?

  2. I have been searching on YouTube and found the following three additional videos:


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