Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Make Me Laugh - Updated With Link to Chart

This oh-so astute and anonymous commentor said, "What are you protesting against, the fact that a public single-payer is way better than what we have now?"

To which my reply is,

Linked from Investors Business Daily. Go check out the chart at IBD as it is much clearer and larger. Somehow I don't think anonymous will take the time to look at it.


  1. Liberty,

    Do you have the link to the graph, please. I can't see the details! :-)

  2. Data speaks for itself. I would also add:

    1) Health care is an entitlement - not a right. No where does the Constitution state the taxpayers owe you healthcare.
    2) No taxation without representation - future generations will be forced to pay for something they had no right to vote on.
    3) We CAN'T AFFORD it. We are BROKE, you do realize that? Medicare and Medicaid (along w/SS) are OUT OF MONEY.
    4) Public already pays for healthcare that is currently available, even to ILLEGAL aliens.
    5) Public single-payer healthcare = socialized healthcare = rationed healthcare.
    6) If government is allowed to make healthcare about cost and not saving lives (which they will have to do since they have NO MONEY), it will degrade human worth to something not fit to mention. If government controls the medical profession, it controls life.

  3. LB,

    This chart would be a bit more effective if you embedded it such that we could click to enlarge. It would also make it easier to borrow :-)

  4. I love to see the numbers for what many of us already know. Staggering.

  5. 'Single payer' is a misnomer. It is not single payer. Everybody has to pay. We pay with higher taxes. And as with everything the government does there will be those who abuse the system. That causes the cost to go up even more. They talk about the admin cost in private care systems. Just take a look at the admin cost in any government system.

  6. Why don't we ever hear this side of it from the administration? All we ever hear is that the sky is falling. Free is not free.

  7. These data are so different from the bogus numbers thrown around by the UN World Health Organization that Leftys love to cite. One of the numbers they love is the WHO statistic on infant mortality per live births...WHO always shows the US ranking below 26 other industrialized countries in having 5 deaths per 1000 live births. However, independent research indicates that these rankings are suspect. For example, some countries in the WHO report don't count premature births as "live" births because they presume the baby is going to die. Kind of a "dead man walking" mentality. The USA, au contraire, counts all births, premature or whatever, as live births if the baby is born alive. Then we do everything we can to keep the baby alive. The infant mortality stat from WHO makes no sense in light of the above Chart data on preventive health care and pediatric specialists available in the US compared to Canada and the UK. Furthermore, if single payer nationalized medicine is so wonderful, why do Canada and the UK not fare much better in the WHO infant mortality stats: they have 4 infant deaths per 1000 live births? Who was it who said figures can lie and liars can figure???

  8. Medicine should be handled between the doctor and the patient. That is not the case today. Today, medicine is handled between the social worker, who follows government guidelines, and the insurance company, who pays the bills, following government regulations. Given any complicated case, physicians today have to obtain permission for treatment from a social worker. The steps we are now following to give all the power of choice to the government establishment, will quickly bring about the colapse of the medical community as we know it today. I say, bring it on. May the power return to the physician.

  9. IBD should be required reading! It is probably the best editorial page out there!

  10. Until you look at background data used for creating the charts, and until you post this data here, don't claim to have an understanding of such complex matters. Statistics can be manipulated ad nauseam, as a previous poster remarked. Posting a screen shot of processed information as evidence of success/failure of one system over another is amateurish at best and propagandist at worst. The truth always lies somewhere in between.

    Healthcare should be between the patient and the doctor. Once you involve brokers (insurance companies, gov't) you immediately increase the cost. When the brokers are few and have majority control (current insurance system) you have fewer choices, worse service, and higher cost. The gov't is not blameless for this, however, the refusal of insurance companies to abide by the letter of the law in contracts between them and subscribers prompted the gov't to interfere. These regulations everyone hates (not all of them are good of course) are there to ensure that the money you pay for your health care actually goes towards your health care and not into some deep hole of shareholder payouts or "research and development."



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