Thursday, June 4, 2009


Cowards. All of them. My friend Byron, who is a phenomenal photographer, sent me this link to Seattle Indy Media and their pictures of the health care rallies on Saturday. The last picture is of the counter protesters (us) and the caption is, "The Insurance Industry Sent Counter-Demonstrators."


I realized, once again, that these people are cowards and I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry that this "journalist" did not have the fortitude to come over and ask some of us why we feel the way that we do, and possibly debate/discuss the issues. No. Instead he labes us as insurance stooges so he doesn't even have to acknowledge our opinions. It's lazy, cowardly, ignorant, and dangerous. Just like his Omessiah.


  1. It never ceases to amaze that the lefts informers go to such great lengths to hide and distort real information!

    Nationally our fellow teapartiers know now, about our medias utter failure to report on our counter protest, they will now know about the angle that the "insurance industry" "sent" us too!

    It is funny how these people actually take what they do seriously!

  2. And how many busloads of union membersd were trucked in from all over the state again?

    Coindidently, big protests in Atlanta and Chicago against CNN tomorrow... (06/05/09.)

  3. I can't believe some of the signs these pro big government health care people are carrying. "Capitalism Can Not Be Rehabilitated" and "Capitalism is Unhealthy".

    At least they are not trying to hide who they really are. Not that the mainstream media noticed any of those types of signs in their reporting. If the media had any shred of competence left they would do at least a cursory investigation into where the money for all those buses came from (Big Unions and George Soros) vs. where the Tea Partiers got theirs (Their wallets).

  4. Looks like they don't want a debate judging by the comments on their site. Typical, when faced with the facts they merely call you names.

  5. Belle,

    I am trying to reach out to any conservative or Republican group I can trying to fast track a push back against Obama's health care bill.

    Would you check this blog of mine and pass the link along to anyone you can think of who might be willing to participate? I have noted your efforts in this area with great admiration. I read about you on Michelle Malkin's site, but I can't post there, nor do I think she gets my emails. If you could share this with her, that would be terrific.

    Thanks very much!

  6. Take one of the pictures of the astro-turfed rally with their professional banners and matching T shirts, and then put it next to the crowd that the "Insurance company" sent out...which one is obviously subsidized?

    You're right....cowards!!


    Worth a quick read and dissemination. Not necessarily about this direct topic, but does apply to the overall burden Obama is going to put on American businesses and the implications it may have for you and I.

  8. Speaking of cowards, nobody calls them out better than Ann Coulter.

  9. We need to get used to the idea that most of the media will never report on us, and if they do it will be completely and utterly slanted. The media are socialists - an arm of the socialists, either unwittingly, in that 90% inside the beltway vote socialist, and 75% outside the beltway do so, or directly - like the leftie media you refer to Liberty.

    What we need to do, is use the viral media of the internet more and more - as the old media, for the reasons cited and many other converging reasons, are dying. Let them die.


    As an encouragement, there are WELL over 1,000 Tea Parties planned for July 4th - as well as the weekend before and after the 4th! Get involved at your local Tea Party. Write a letter to the editor or call in to one of the local radio stations about the Tea Party in your locale or organize and provide logistics or go to your local capital and support the group there. BE ENCOURAGED that this is going VIRAL. We must continue, as they eventually *cannot* ignore us: - 1260 cities with July 4th Tea Parties

    pretty awesome map of all of the cities involved!

    another list of Tea Parties

    another list of tea parties


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