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BILL PASSES 219 -212: Reichert votes YES. Shame on Reichert. The other eight Republicans that voted yes below, via Michelle Malkin. Apparently they made the difference. FIRE THEM.
Bono, Mack, Castle, Kirk, Lance, LoBiondo, McHugh, Reichert, Smith (NJ)
Update IV:
Norm Dick's is voting YES!! I phoned his D.C. office and the man who answered the phone was SO SO RUDE! He was yelling at me, and attacking me personally. I couldn't believe it.He said that Congressman Dicks thinks it's the right thing to do so to hell with his constituents.

Update III:
Go HERE for another updated list on who is leaning which way - Michelle Malkin is liveblogging the circus in D.C. CALL BABY CALL !

Update II:
Alert Washingtonians! Dave Reichert is on the LEANING YES list!!! You MUST call him TODAY!!! Norm Dicks is on the UNDECIDED list!!! Call him as well!!
Dave Reichert: (202) 225 7761, (202) 225-4282 (fax)
Norm Dicks: (202) 225-5916, (202) 226-1176 (fax)

Of the Blue Dog Dems, the list of those that have said they will vote NO tomorrow (if you have more info, please leave a comment):

Parker Griffith (D - Alabama)
Marion Berry (D - Arkansas)
Mike Ross - (D - Arkansas)
Herb Kohl (D-WI)
Todd Platts (R-PA)

Here we go! Melt the phones! The cap-and-trade bill, HR 2454, is out of committee and the House plans to vote on or by Friday! This is the bill that not only ties the knot in the noose of business and liberty, but will also raise energy costs by approximately $3,900 a year per household! Just what we need: another immense and intrusive government program run by politicians and bureaucrats who don't actually give a damn and who don't have any deep knowledge of these fields. More info here.

From the Tea Party Patriots:

We must call ALL the Blue Dog Democrats and ALL of our Congressional Representatives. Call all their offices and leave the same message.

Simple statement, simple script.
Hi my name is _______________from YOUR TOWN AND ZIP CODE. I am a Tea Party Patriot. I am calling to day to tell Congressman/woman to vote NO on HR 2454. I cannot afford any more taxes. Don't tax me for the air I breath.

To link to the facts and talking points for HR 2454 click here: http://www.csa-1776.org/2454.HTM

Call ALL of the Blue Dog Democrats:
alphabetized by state

A & B
Congressman Parker Griffith Alabama, 5th District Phone: (202)225-4801
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Arizona, 8th District Phone: (202)225-2542
Congressman Marion Berry Arkansas, 1st District Phone: (202) 225-4076
Congressman Mike Ross Arkansas, 4th District Phone: (202) 225-3772
Begich, Mark - (D - AR) (2 02) 224-3004 Arkansas
Lincoln, Blanche L. - (D - AR) (202) 224-4843 Arkansas
Pryor, Mark L. - (D - AR) (202) 224-2353 Arkansas

Congressman Joe Baca California, 43rd District Phone: (202) 225-6161
Congressman Dennis Cardoza California, 18th District Phone: (202)225-6131
Congressman Jim Costa California, 20th District Phone: (202) 225-3341
Congresswoman Jane Harman California, 36th District Phone: (202)225-8220
Congressman Adam Schiff California, 29th District Phone: (202)225-4176
Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez California, 47th District Phone: (202)225-2965
Congressman Mike Thompson California, 1st District Phone:(202) 225-3311
Congressman John Salazar Colorado, 3rd District Phone: (202) 225-4761
Udall, Mark - (D - CO) (202) 224-5941 Colorado
Lieberman, Joseph I. - (ID - CT) (202) 224-4041 Connecticut

Carper, Thomas R. - (D - DE) (202) 224-2441 Delaware

Congressman Allen Boyd** Florida, 2nd District Phone: (202) 225-5235
Nelson, Bill - (D - FL)(202) 224-5274 Florida

Congressman John Barrow Georgia, 12th District Phone: (202) 225-2823
Congressman Sanford Bishop Georgia, 2nd District Phone: (202) 225-3631
Congressman David Scott Georgia, 13th District Phone: (202) 225-2939
Congressman Jim Marshall Georgia, 8th District Phone: (202) 225-6531

Congresswoman Melissa Bean Illinois, 8th District Phone: (202)225-3711
Congressman Joe Donnelly Indiana, 2nd District Phone: (202) 225-3915
Congressman Brad Ellsworth Indiana, 8th District Phone: (202) 225-4636
Congressman Baron Hill Indiana, 9th District Phone: (202) 225-5315
Bayh, Evan - (D - IN) (202) 224-5623 Indiana
Congressman Leonard Boswell Iowa, 3rd District Phone: (202) 225-3806

Congressman Ben Chandler Kentucky, 6th District Phone: (202) 225-4706
Congressman Dennis Moore Kansas, 3rd District Phone: (202) 225-2865
LCongressman Charlie Melancon ** Louisiana, 3rd District Phone: (202) 225-4031
Landrieu, Mary L. - (D - LA) (202) 224-5824 Louisiana

Congressman Mike Michaud Maine, 2nd District Phone: (202) 225-6306
Congressman Collin Peterson Minnesota, 7th District Phone: (202)225-2165
Congressman Gene Taylor Mississippi, 4th District Phone: (202)225-5772
McCaskill, Claire - (D - MO) (202) 224-6154 Missouri

Nelson, Ben - (D - NE) (202) 224-6551 ** Nebraska
Shaheen, Jeanne - (D - NH) (202) 224-2841 New Hampshire
Congressman Mike Arcuri New York, 24th District Phone: (202) 225-3665
Congressman Mike McIntyre North Carolina, 7th District Phone: Phone:(202) 225-2731
Congressman Heath Shuler North Carolina, 11th District Phone: (202) 225-6401
Hagan, Kay R. - (D - NC) (202) 224-6342 North Carolina
Congressman Earl Pomeroy North Dakota, At-Large Phone: (202) 225-2611

Congressman Dan Boren Oklahoma, 2nd District Phone: (202) 225-2701
Congressman Zack Space Ohio, 18th District Phone: (202) 225-6265
Congressman Charlie Wilson Ohio, 6th District Phone: (202) 225-5705

Congressman Chris Carney Pennsylvania, 10th District Phone: (202) 225-3731
Congressman Patrick Murphy Pennsylvania, 8th District Phone: (202) 225-4276
Congressman Tim Holden Pennsylvania, 17th District Phone: (202) 225-5546

Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin South Dakota, At-Large (202) 225-2801

Congressman Jim Cooper Tennessee, 5th District Phone: (202) 225-4311
Congressman Lincoln Davis Tennessee, 4th District Phone: (202) 225-6831
Congressman Bart Gordon Tennessee, 6th District Phone: (202) 225-4231
Congressman John Tanner Tennessee, 8th District Phone: (202) 225-4714

Congressman Jim Matheson Utah, 2nd District Phone: (202) 225-3011

Warner, Mark R. - (D - VA) (202) 224-2023 ** Virginia

Kohl, Herb - (D - WI) (202) 224-5653 Wisconsin

Citizens in every state should call ALL of their Congressional Representatives as well.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Henry Waxman are reaching out to the following House Republicans for their support on Waxman-Markey, according to Carbon Control News:

Tim Johnson (IL)
Vernon Ehlers (MI)
Todd Platts (PA)Jim Gerlach (PA)
Mary Bono Mack (CA)
Mike Castle (DE)
Frank LoBiondo (NJ)
Tom Petri (WI)
Peter King (NY)
Mark Kirk (IL)
Leonard Lance (NJ)

If you are represented by one of these congressmen, contact the memberand tell him/her to oppose Waxman-Markey. The preferred contact method is visiting/calling/writing/e-mailing the member’s local office.


  1. Thanks, Liberty Belle, for all the information! I referred the Puget Sound Conservative Underground members to your site and to Mark Levin's to find this info and to call their Congressman. Obama is having everyone look at the healthcare issue this week so Pelosi can slyly slide this bill through.

  2. I called Congressman Earl Pomeroy(D), North Dakota, (my home state). They said that "As the bill stands" he would vote against the bill. Hopefully the bill doesn't change enough for them to buy him off.

  3. These clowns in DC make me SICK. Adding an amendment in the middle of the night without time to review the bill. It passed the House, of course, with some slick deals promised by Waxman.

    Time to put MAJOR pressure on the Senate.

  4. Liberty Belle-- we need to PROTEST outside Dave Reichert's office in Mercer Island over the July 4 congressional recess. I assume he will be in town and if we can get some media coverage it would be wonderful.

  5. Listen, the cap and TAX bill could still fail, guys! It HAS to pass the Senate vote now. Yes, Congress passed it but now the Senate has to pass it and I'm hearing there's a good chance it won't, so please get on the phone this week and contact your senator and tell them to vote NO on the cap and trade bill.

    Email them, call them, fax them, just keep hounding them. Remind them every day if you have to NOT to vote for this terrible bill.

    If enough of us do this, we may be able to turn this around.

    Here is contact info for Senator Maria Cantwell (copy and paste link below):

    and Senator Patty Murray:

    Keep calling them! Keep emailing them! The cap and trade bill can still be defeated guys! It's not too late. The Senate still has to vote on it.

  6. You can also e-mail the 8 republican traitors. I've included information on how to bypass their zip code filters:


  7. Plz read our open letter to RINO Reichert, and plz make sure and let him hear you on this betrayal!



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