Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still Waiting for a Real Argument

There is TOO much funny stuff today! Check out this email I just got from the One about health care. I am including the parts that are supposed to a.) scare you, b.) tug at your heart strings, or c.) inspire you.

Trying to scare you:
As we know, challenging the status quo will not be easy. Its defenders will claim our goals are too big, that we should once again settle for half measures and empty talk. Left unanswered, these voices of doubt might yet again derail the comprehensive reform we so badly need. That's where you come in.
When our opponents spread fear and confusion about the changes we seek, your support for these core principles will show clarity and resolve. When the lobbyists for the status quo tell Congress to hold back, your personal story will give them the courage to press forward.

Trying to make you cry:
I know personal stories can drive that change, because I know how my mother's experience continues to drive me. She passed away from ovarian cancer a little over a decade ago. And in the last weeks of her life, when she was coming to grips with her own mortality and showing extraordinary courage just to get through each day, she was spending too much time worrying about whether her health insurance would cover her bills. She deserved better. Every American deserves better. And that's why I will not rest until the dream of health care reform is finally achieved in the United States of America.

Trying to lift you up:
Last November, the American people sent Washington a clear mandate for change. But when the polls close, the true work of citizenship begins. That's what Organizing for America is all about. Now, in these crucial moments, your voice once again has extraordinary power. I'm counting on you to use it.

Do you feel threatened/saddened/inspired enough to let go of all the of the principles and values you hold dear? Can you imagine if a Conservative leader used and exploited people and stories the same way that Obama does in this email (about his mother) and the socialized medicine rally people will (by bussing in elderly and disabled people and seating them in the front rows)? Talk about feeling sick.

Listen up 'Bam, make your case for your health care plan without using your own mother's suffering and death as the supporting argument and raison d'ĂȘtre. It is unbecoming of a President, disrespectful to your mother, and gross.


  1. The worse part of socialized medicine isn't that it will cost us everything and give back almost nothing, but the fact that the average person goes onto a waiting list to get on to a waiting list. While their waiting the "special" people who have government jobs(we won't mention who they are) will get front of the line privilages paid for by the American tax payer.
    The fact that socialized medicine has failed in every country that has it doesn't seem to bother anyone in DC. That of course is because they know they will be covered. While the rest of us wait for our chance to get on the waiting list.

  2. Not buying the hopey and changey words at all. Show me the FACTS! Fact 1) I pay $0 for my healthcare insurance premium right now thanks to a great employer. So just how much will this socialized health care program save me? Fact 2) I wait up to 45 mins at times to see a doctor. I wait up to a month to get an appointment with a specialist. Is this socialized health care program going to get me in quicker? I'm betting the answers to both questions are a big fat NO!

  3. I may be a little crazy, but I just don't get this 'healthcare reform' jazz. I've been paying for, and utilizing, healthcare for almost 20 years; actually, I've been using it all my life. Anyway, I pay my premiums, I go to the doctor, it gets taken care of. Sure, on occasion, I have to wrestle with someone over payment of this or that. But, by and large, it works just fine; I have the same experience as DCG.

    I guess my point is, the whole 'reform' mantra and 'it's broke so we gotsta fix it' saw is a bunch of crap. They figure that the only way they can gain even more control over individuals' lives is to take over medical hook or by crook. So, they say it is broken, it has to be fixed, we need reform. The only reason healthcare needs 'reforming' is because it doesn't fit their socialist model. I don't want to be stuck in the Superdome without water, waiting to get my prostate checked.


  4. There are no "real" arguments, because the left hates to deal in facts. If we can force them to attempt to deal in facts, they have automaticlly lost.

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