Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Progressive Grassroots = Big, Giant Slabs of Turf

What gems we find when we clean out our inboxes. Check out this email from July 13, 2006 from the Center for Progressive Leadership Action Network, and then tell me that the support for Obama was "grassroots." Puhleeze.
Next Tuesday, July 18th, activists and organizers are coming together for an exciting event that will help build the progressive movement all across the country!The Center for Progressive Leadership Action Network is hosting a National Media Impact Training designed to give progressives the skills they need to generate earned media coverage for their campaigns and issues.

Keep reading.
The event will take place in over 100 house parties across the country and will use an innovative combination of video training, a live conference call with a media expert, and small group interactive workshops.

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Not only will the evening be a chance to learn about generating earned media coverage, but it will also be an exciting opportunity to connect with local activists from other communities and get linked to opportunities for direct action.

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Progressive organizations like America Votes, MoveOn.org, League of Young Voters, Latinos for America, People for the American Way and others are getting involved in order to help make this a truly movement-wide event.

Aaaghhh. There we go. How grassroots of them.
At the training, you will learn the best methods for getting local media attention, including pitching stories to reporters, organizing event logistics, and developing relationships with the press. It will also be a great chance to meet activists from other campaigns and get linked to direct action opportunities.

Remember, this was back in 2006.
Sign up to attend a Media Impact Training in your area or host your own house partyAfter the training, every participant will be invited to join an online community where you can participate in discussion boards, access more in-depth training resources, connect with other participants, and get linked to progressive campaigns and organizations.

Like maybe the Hope 'n Change Express?
This event is the first in a three-part series of National Network Trainings that the Center for Progressive Leadership Action Network is running this summer and fall. The series focuses on developing the skills of progressive activists, connecting individuals from different communities, and providing opportunities for direct action. You can also help build momentum for the event by spreading the word about it to your local community, progressive organizations that you know, and individuals who you think might want to get involved.

And finally, the crux:
Media coverage is one of the best tools we have for holding the administration and Congress accountable for their failures —

Hmph, that doesn't sound so bad, right? Wait for it....
and for spreading progressive values. We hope you can join us on July 18th!

Ah hah! And that is how one creates a progressive grassroots movement.

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