Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pigs Might Be Flying Right Now

Hey all! There is a new show premiering tonight on ABC that is actually worth checking out!! It is from the creator of The Simpsons and King of the Hill, Mike Judge, and it mocks greeniacs the way that they should always be mocked! It is called The Goode Family and it looks divine. Apparently the main characters ask themselves, "WWAGD? What would Al Gore Do?"

The New York Times gave it a scathing review, trying to say it is outdated and that any reasonable, intelligent person believes in global warming, so the show is irrelevant. Projecting much?

PJTV has another article about this show and warns it may not stick around long, after all, it does poke fun at liberal stereotypes and we just cannot have that.

I say we all watch it and if it is a good show, we work hard to make sure it stays on the air. It may be all we'll ever get.


  1. Wonder if they'll have a white roof on their house and drive white SUVs?!

  2. OK, they obviously didn't get Chu's memo...but that show was funny! My favorite part was the lady with the grocery bag that said, "an inconvenient bag"!


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