Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Pictures from the Rally and an Action Alert Item

Enjoy the new pictures and then scroll down for the Action Item! Pictures via Geobent. Thank you! More pictures and initial report here.

The media completely and not surprisingly left us out of ALL coverage, at least as far as I have seen. There was a blogger that mentioned us, a bit disparagingly for not having actually come over to ask us why we were there, but that's it thus far.

We must call and email all of the media outlets here in King County telling them our side of the story. Copy and paste some of these pictures into your emails so that they can SEE that we were there. Never mind that we sent them all press releases so that they would be aware of our actions. Do it today. Contact information below.

Call 1-888-477-5666 or 206-404-4145 and

Go here to fill out an online form and
Call 206-728-7777

Go here to fill out an online form and
Call 206-448-5555 or 1-800-45-NEWS-5 and

Seattle Times:
Go here to fill out an online form and
Call 206-464-2204


  1. Here is our blog post regarding the once again Obama compliant media-

    An Open Letter to KOMO

  2. HA - I love the one with the gloves and bend over. That pretty much sums up what the socialized healthcare program would be.

  3. The "Market Competition Not Gov't Monopoly-This Disabled Vet says no to HR 676" picture makes me sad, because Obama's proposed plan would actually use increased competition to drive costs down, not award the government a monopoly. It's so disappointing to see all these people participating in the democratic process on the basis of information that is totally false. It insults this country's spirit.


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