Monday, May 4, 2009


Ever wanted to give your rep. or senator a grade, good or bad?

Look no further. My friend David sent this to me.


  1. From

    My question for the organizers and participants is simple: What’s next?

    Whether we had 600,000+ by my count, or 1+ million by other counts, the turnout dwarfed what the DNC and Organizing for America got in March as “pledges” of blank check loyal support for Obama’s budget plan. Their 214,000 pledges in response to 13 million emails and sending all their campaign volunteers into the streets was dwarfed by the Tea Parties - and yet we were scorned and mocked while Congress has continued to ram this budget and their social agenda down our throats.

    Even if millions turn out on July 4, or on 9/12 in DC, what difference will it make? Much of the damage will be done already. We need to reorganize in each Congressional district and state to get in the face of these arrogant politicians whenever they show up for a speech, fundraiser, or any other public appearance back home. National rallies won’t do it. Tyrants will only fear their loss of power.

    Don't forget to stand up with your local veterans on Memorial Day. Thank them for their defense of our liberty, and that of millions of others around the world. We honor them, rather than regard them as a security threat, or apologize to foreign critics and tyrants about America's role in the world.

    Now while I generally agree that we need to think/act nationally and locally both, it is interesting to think about how we can get more active in Seattle and WA politics! How long has it been since Seattle has had a Conservative Rep in Olympia - from any neighborhood. I think making that happen would be a true coup! Are there any neighborhoods we can focus on this happening?

    Thanks all! Let's roll!

  2. More good information on July 4th Tea Party actions!

  3. I've gotten the distinct impression that Jim McDermott doesn't care how I grade him (or how many e-mails I send him regarding upcoming legislation). But, I'll keep sending them.


  4. Liberty,

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention. The unions in Seattle are planning a big march on May 30 in support of nationalized health care. Here's a link for more info:

    You might want to get the word out among your email lists that the unions are planning this big march to push the nationalized health care plan.


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