Thursday, May 21, 2009

Divide and Conquer

Straight from the national Tea Party site, Tea Party Patriots, comes the warning about the cap and trade legislation that is making its way out of committee.

How does this affect your pocket book?  Everything you do from turning on the shower in the morning and brewing that first cup of coffee, driving the kids to school, turning on your television, cooking dinner and reading by the light of a nightstand will be taxed.  Each time you flip a switch you will be taxed.  Each time you purchase anything that was produced using energy will be taxed.

See what the Heritage Foundation has to say:

Read about more devastating facts: 

A great comment that was left on the Tea Party site gives us all some advice about the Reps. and Senators that don't care about your opinions if you do not live in their districts or states:

We have reports of some Senators' and Representatives' offices telling people they don't really matter if they are not from a Sentor's state or a Representatives district. If you get anything like that, ask them if they have read the news about Proposition 1A in California. Tell them that the Tea Party Patriots brought their national organization to bear in California, and crushed the politicians at the ballot box. Advise them that we will be posting their responses on our site, and if they don't listen, our national organization will make sure that they pay the price at the ballot box.

It never ends folks, I am sorry to say. But never give up! Call them now!

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  1. We are so screwed if we don't stop this BS. Even the SPONSOR of this bill doesn't know the full details. The circus in DC is in full swing!


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