Friday, May 29, 2009


Tomorrow We March Against Socialized Medicine:
What You Need to Know


We are meeting across Pine St. from Westlake Park. This is the north side of Pine, in between 4th and 5th Avenue. Our opposition has the permit for the park which is why we will congregate across the street from them. We will begin to meet at about 1:00 p.m. so that we are there before they arrive - a welcome wagon of sorts... Map here.

What to Bring
  • Signs (I have listed some ideas and suggestions below)
  • Something to sit on if you need it - we may be there for approximately three hours
  • Something to eat and drink, i.e. energy bars and water because again, we may be there for a few hours

Sign Ideas

  • Single Payer is Single Worst Solution
  • Health Care is Expensive BECAUSE of the Government!
  • Doctor's Chains You Can Believe In
  • Socialized Medicine - the False Hope
  • Support Sustainable Options!
  • Left Turn - Wrong Way
  • Tax Increase Not the Answer
  • Free Market Options
  • We Support Better Solutions
  • Health Care is Not a Right
  • The road to serfdom is well paved for your safety
  • My Body, My Choice!
  • Keep healthcare between me and my doctor
  • Healthcare is a private issue
  • The fed couldn't manage its way out of a *casket*
  • Free Choice in Medicine
  • A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. - Thomas Jefferson
  • What the they pay for, they own. What happens when they pay for your body?
  • No Bureaucrats in My Body
  • Don't Let Govt Hands Infect Our Health Care
  • U.S. Economy Already on Life Support
  • Portability Yes, Socialization No
  • Ask a Veteran: Are You Happy With Govt Health Care?
  • National Markets for Health Insurance
  • Get Health Insurance Out of the Workplace & Into the Marketplace
  • Medicare for All = Death of America
  • If Govt Run Health Care Is So Cheap, Why Is Medicare So Expensive?
  • Ask Jim McDermott about his elitist medical care
  • Ask Patty Murray about her elitist medical care
  • Less Government is the Answer!
  • Safety

    I have personally spoken with the Seattle Police Department and my contact there has assured me that we are welcome to show our opposition and that they are prepared to handle the volume of people expected. I obviously cannot guarantee that nothing will happen, but I feel very confident that the day will run smoothly. If anyone from the opposition tries to engage you, simply ignore them, walk away, hand them a flyer (we will have some to hand out), or find a police officer. DO NOT ENGAGE THEM BACK. We are better than that.

    Theme Ideas

    IF you are interested, you can dress up in either typical "funeral" attire (dark and formal), or you can dress up like a doctor or a nurse in chains. Otherwise just dress as usual! We have at least a couple of bagpipers to help us along! We plan on singing Amazing Grace and the National Anthem. You can find the words to Amazing Grace here.

    Please use today as a final push for this. We need as many bodies as we can get!! Please help us stop the horrific monstrosity that is rationed, poor quality, socialized medicine. Once this is let out of the cage, you know we will never be able to put it back. The fight is here and the fight is now. Will you face it with us?


    1. Several of my friends and I will be there!

    2. Republicans ruined veterans health care.

    3. If veterans health care is ruined, then why is it provided free of charge? Don't you understand how many people would love to have free health care?
      Are you insane?


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