Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Do you get a sinking feeling (or rising nausea, or both) when you read about some giant, collectivist march or rally that just happened in your city, and you did nothing to show your opposition? Do you wish that you could go back in time and at least show up so that your point of view is represented and the other side does not speak for you? Do you hope that someday people will stand up and show the world the immorality of stealing from one person to give to another under the guise of "the greater good," which basically amounts to buying votes?

The unions, socialist and communist groups, and special interests are getting together to have a nationwide rally to support Obama's vision* of single payer health care on May 30th. Unlike all the years prior to this date, we are finally organized enough to make a stand against them! This is why we gathered email addresses at the Tea Parties! So please join us, on May 30th, 2009, to stand against socialized medicine, and attend the Funeral for Health Care. (Facebook users click here)

1. Check out the opposition's websites: the national site here, and the Seattle site here.
2. Aim to show up around 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. across from Westlake Park which is at 4th and Pine in downtown Seattle. They plan to show up around 3:00 p.m. but will probably have people there much earlier.
3. Please make sure to stand across Pine St., on the side of the mall, Westlake Center. As our ranks grow, we will extend northeasterly towards Macy's.
4. If you would like to dress up to fit in with our theme, please wear funeral type clothing (dark, formal), or dress as a doctor/nurse/patient with handcuffs, chains, etc. You do not have to dress up!! Some people love this idea, some people hate it. As we are believers in individual rights, please dress in whatever manner you deem appropriate.
5. Bring signs! I'll post some ideas for signs in the next few days, but here are a couple to whet your appepite:
"Health care reform: Yes! Government run: No!" or my personal favorite so far, "Single Payer is Single Worst Solution!"
6. Pick up some flyers from our organizers (you will know who they are when you see them) that have positive, free market alternatives for health care and hand them out if you are interested.
7. Learn the words to Amazing Grace, or bring them on a sheet of paper. You can find the lyrics here.

Tips for handling the opposition if they try to harass or incite you:
1. Simply smile, hand them a flyer, and start singing or humming Amazing Grace.
2. If you hear someone singing Amazing Grace, JOIN IN! The other person is probably trying to avoid a confrontation with an opposing protestor.
3. Find one of our organizers.
4. Find a police officer. I am in constant contact with the police and I feel that the event will go down smoothly and safely. They are aware of our plans and are in control.

We are not the permited event and do not want to disrupt them!! We are there to peacefully make our viewpoint known, so that they do not get to shout to the world that there is no opposition to single payer health care.
Do not give in to any of their provocations. We are better than that.

A word about transportation:**
They are so well organized and highly funded (ahem, astroturf anyone?) that they are bussing in people from all across the state - especially elderly and disabled people to sit in the front rows, to exploit the vulnerable in order to be more "telegenic."

We are not funded at all. If you can, carpool and caravan, take public transportation, etc. Otherwise, there are parking lots all around this area downtown where you will be able to park your car, or you may be able to find street parking.

NOTE: Their rally starts at Pratt Park and follows a marching route through downtown. They will go 18th Ave. to Jackson, Jackson to 4th, and 4th to Westlake Park. They have received permission to close this route to cars, so keep this in mind as you plan your travels.

*At an AFL-CIO rally during the campaign, Obama made this statement, "A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. And as all of you know, we may not get there immediately."
**If you are interested in this information, here are their bus routes being used to bus in people from around the state. Why not hitch a ride with them if you live in another county? SNAP.


  1. Funny, both locations in my state where the demonstrations are planned, are the ones with highest welfare recipients. Wonder why they agree with somebody else paying for their heath care?

  2. I can't seem to get the Facebook link to work!

  3. The Facebook link does not work for me either. How can we spread this anti government healthcare movement to other parts of the country?

  4. NOTE: The Facebook link is only for registered Facebook users, but all it contains is the same info found in this post, so don't worry if you can't get to it.

  5. You are a bunch of tools.

  6. Newly organized: a Nationwide organization for removing the federal government from Health Care and every other intrusion into your life -- anything not granted by the U.S. Constitution please go to Facebook (you'll need to open a facebook account) and join the facebook group "America Protests."

  7. Steve the link to this blog was twittered to me by Michelle Malkin, one of the top conservatives on twitter. So word is going around. I am looking for a group in Southern California.


  9. How about making a Myspace page for those of us who can't stand Facebook?

    Oh, and I will be at the Seattle event. I'll have my camera in one hand and a Piroshky in the other!

  10. Obama got ACORN a dollar for every human being on the face of the planet, he got the National Counsel of Health Care IT... 5 times that amount (just to get started) that's $20,000,000,000 of our money to get us all into his 'system' and manage what care whom will get, or not get!
    This is a one way path to serfdom and the most expensive patients...the very young and very old will be the first victims!

    Their demonstrations are a giant theatrical production to convince other Americans all Americans are begging for this "solution".
    Our own anti-Constitution officials Senator Murray and Rep. McDermott will help with the charade.
    The media of course will be a part of "their team" to help with the whole production!
    Writers and photographers and bloggers should document the real story and take pictures of the media ignoring us and glorifying them!
    My sign idea-
    "I don't believe in government managed dying!"

  11. Add the Shadow Party to your list of must reads. It tells of George Soros's design for a one world government - and is the blue print Obama follows. Soros picked Obama to be the Democratic nominee.

    You also will enjoy Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky since Rule #5: ridicule the messenger in order to neutralize the message is used continuously by politicians and the media.

    Also, try to get a list of American Socialist Party members in Congress. The link was removed from the site last month. When you click on the words "Mermbers of Congress", you get a message that the page is gone. I am glad that I emailed a copy to myself instead of just linking it. No surprise that Pelosi, Waters, Waxman, Shadowsky, Frank, DiLauro, are on the list. They serve in positions of power. This follows Soros and Alinsky's plans to affect a regime change. Soros has bragged that he spent millions to discredit Bush because of his nationalism. Soros believes that the US is no better than any other country and that we should all be part of a One World form of government with the IMF in charge of one world currency. It reminds me of the movie Rollerball except it is too real and terrifying

  12. If someone is trying to intimidate you by leaning in close to your face while yelling at you, a portable boat horn is particularly effective!


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