Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank You's and Random Bits - UPDATED - ACTION NEEDED!!

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Just a quick note.

I was so busy yesterday catching up on things I had put off due to planning the tea party, that I haven't had a chance to say THANK YOU to all of the volunteers for their time, their input, their equipment, their support, and so on. You guys are the greatest, and it could not have happened without any of you. It certainly could not have happened without the sound equipment, so a great, huge, giant THANK YOU for that!

I would also like to tell everyone that we are working hard at adding all of the names and email addresses to our database, and we are aiming to be done by Sunday. My goal is to send out a "what comes next" action plan for the next few weeks. We have to transcribe all of the written info into Excel, and we are unpaid volunteers, unlike some other "volunteers" or "activists" that I know of...

As a last thought for now, I would like everyone to consider using your hard earned dollars wisely. This means really asking yourself if you want your purchasing power to support ideologies or ideological people with whom you disgree. I just read something on Drudge about another liberal actress saying really awful things about the people who attended tea parties, and I thought, why does she get any of our money? I mean she was downright nasty and I just finally thought, forget this. She is enormously wealthy because regular Americans choose to spend their money on her shows and films. No more for me. Think about where you are spending the little money that the government allows you to keep.

And don't forget to keep checking up on Tea Party Washington! It is under construction, but should hopefully be a resource for all of us!



From one of the Olympia Tea Party organizers:

Who can come out tonight (Friday) at 5 PM for about 45 minutes? I need 75 people to fill seats and stare down our representatives. As we were having our TEA day events in Olympia two days ago - some of your Legislators had cooked up a bill to RAISE YOUR SALES TAX!

I testified this moring at the 8 am public testimony hearing along with Tim Eyman and a few others. Dozens of activists were clammoring to raise your taxes again.

From Exit 105 follow the signs to the Capitol (this is different than City Hall). Go straight through all the lights and you are on the diagonal street with parking. Meet me at 5 PM at the O'Brian House Office Building, Hearing Room A. Tonight's meeting is an Executive Session (no public testamony). Wear a big tag that says "TEA" on it or similar. They will get the message.

Arrive 15 minutes early. Hearing room A is on the first floor of O'Brian about 1/2 way down on the right. The O'Brian bldg is on the other side of the Capitol dome from where we had our rally Wednesday. If you cannot make it that's fine, really I understand. If you can make it please call me 360-923-1080.


  1. My little group and I attended the event in Oly on Wednesday and we're still spinning and energized by it!! I am shocked shocked to find out taxes were being raised while we were out there in the square. The nerve!! We can't give up now. I think the fight has just begun. Keep up the good work here!!!

  2. Can't make it, but let us know it goes. I might be able to attend other sessions, but will contact reps and help raise awareness.

  3. The imbedded link for Tea Party WA is broken: you have it as "" where it should be ""

    You Fox News tool, you... ;-)

  4. Aye aye aye! Thanks D.W. Fixed it! Fox News should really pay me more if they want everything to work... heehee


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