Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pink Slips and Constitutions - They Need to Read Both!

I'm sure many of you are itching to do something else now that you have had your first taste of standing up to the corruptocrats and thieves dwelling within the hallowed halls of Olympia and D.C. I've got a little activity that you can start now.

1. Buy some pink paper
2. Go to Unite 4 Liberty and print out some "pink slips" from the available PDF
3. Fill them out, let your kids color them in, whatever you want to do
4. Mail them to any and all representatives, senators, city council members, mayors, governors, etc. whose employment you will terminate next November. Get a big roll of stamps, a big stack of envelopes, and mail these people at least one pink slip per week! 

Consider this. As of right now, the Washington State count for the tea parties is over 21,000 people - and that's with only part of the counts in! Now imagine if we each sent the crummy politicians one pink slip per week. I have a feeling that 21,000 pink slips coming in EVERY WEEK miiiiiight make an impact. Possibly. They might just have to actually read a bill before they vote on it, and perhaps listen to the voice mails left by their constituents. Plus it is just a sheet of paper so there is no way they will know what it is before they open it. At any rate, it is super fun to annoy them. 


Someone posted this over on the Facebook page for Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty and I thought it was such a swell idea that I wanted to pass it on.


April 20th is "Read the Constitution Day". To commemorate the occasion, we're asking every one of you to Print and Mail a copy of the US Constitution to those that need it most: our elected and selected representatives in Federal government! Just follow these four simple steps:

1. Print five copies of the Constitution. A handy, 6 page version can be found here:

2. Put the copies in 5 envelopes. On the back of each envelope, write "PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND." They are some of the most important words in the President's oath of office.

3. On MONDAY, APRIL 20TH, mail one each to your U.S. House Representative, your Senators, the President, and the Supreme Court:

The White House 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20500

Public Information Officer 
Supreme Court of the United States 
Washington, DC 20543



4. Forward this to like-minded friends and neighbors and encourage them to do the same.

That's it! 5 envelopes, 5 stamps, 30 pages, and 1 hour of your time. Imagine the impact if thousands of us do this "one little thing." We want the entire federal government to know that there are thousands of Americans concerned for the integrity of our Constitution. They need to know we're paying attention to them, and we expect them to return the respect.

Remember - keep it simple and respectful: Just the Constitution and "PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND"


And now for some fun remixes, parodies, etc. for you to enjoy. The people who created these songs took the ideas behind the tea parties and made something entertaining and innovative, as free people are wont to do.


  1. I like the pink slip idea.
    Does anyone know of a website that has a good list of when public officials are up for re-election?
    I know I would find that VERY handy.

  2. Let's declare it "Read The Constitution" WEEK!
    This is such a simple thing to do and can be SO effective if we can get multitudes of people involved!

    I've posted the link to your column on I also copied the instructions there and set up a separate easy-link page there.

    We should be talking up the idea on other blogs we visit, "twittering and tweeting" it and sending it out in our newsletters as well as making sure it gets e-mailed to all of our friends who love to send US "chain letters" and jokes.

  3. Liberty Belle- I sent this reply to an email request from Dave Ryan at American Solutions for feedback on the Tea Parties and thought I'd share it with you. USA1 I went to the Tea Party in downtown Seattle where 1,000 people showed up. The atmosphere was upbeat, positive, anti-big government and strongly for American values and culture. We need to keep the pressure on against higher taxes and socialist policies while we create an event that talks back to Obama's constant talking down of America, American history, the American people and the American economy. His statements at the G20 meeting in Europe and at the Americas meeting in South America offend me deeply and I know it offends millions of others as well. He calls us an arrogant nation. He forgets that WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS! How about a Celebrate America Day. We can read the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble of the Constitution and the First Amendment. It should be billed as a day for Americans to come together, not African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Irish-Americans, Republicans and Democrats, but Americans who are one people who subscribe to the American Creed. How about this for a bumper sticker

  4. The TEA parties are a great start - my wife and I traveled from Bothell down to Olympia. Great crowd. But what do we do now? How can we, the people, take back our country? It is spelled out at Are we ready for a 5-10 year battle? Because that is what it will take. And the answer is "Yes!"

    Be in D.C. to Push Back Until!

  5. Here's the song I wrote for the Olympia Tea Party: Liberty Man.


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