Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling a Wee Bit Bitter and Clingy Tonight

Right. I can't decide if I should spend my energy and what little money I earn to fight these things or to stock up on medicines, food, fuel, and water. I am at my wits end with these people. Who? The Democrats in Congress. I almost have no words. That is how much they continue to shock me. Forgive me, but I just need to scream at the top of my lungs for just a second - 




Seriously! If you want to know why I'm so mad, go here. And here is a taste:
Exit quotation from Paul Ryan: “This takes mission creep to a whole new level. Now they’re talking about the possible nationalization of 17 percent of our economy in health care, 8 percent of the economy in energy, and the largest tax increase in history — all through a process which will have between 35 and 105 total hours of debate between the House and the Senate . . . That’s an enormous power grab.
I need suggestions. What should we do? They are going to RUIN any healthcare that we currently have in this country. In addition to the tea parties, how can we make it known that we do not want this to happen?

I've heard little whispers of a massive movement to just not pay income taxes. Honestly, I thought it was extreme when I heard people talking about it, but with the speed of their insanity, it might be the only option left. Imagine if even 50% of the taxpayers in this country just decided not to pay their taxes. If NASA's head climatologist can publicly incite people to civil disobedience to "save" the planet, then why can't we if we are trying to save our nation? Imagine them trying to go after that many people for tax evasion! Even better, imagine them trying to pay for all that socialism.


  1. It's easy to get discouraged, but I don't think all is lost. I can see this attempted power grab as an issue that could double, perhaps triple the number of "Right Wing Extremists" in a flash!

    Imagine the backlash this could create for the Dems! Especially if...and I know it's a big IF...the GOP has the will to lead the charge on getting the word out to their own constituents.

    As for what we can do? IMO, as a start all organizers who have been building mailing lists should alert their members about this intended "coup" immediately. Encourage feedback, suggestions, brainstorming about ways to fight this - I'd say anything up to and including tar 'n feathers is fair game against this horrendous trampling of our rights!

    Perhaps the entire Tea Party movement should make it a priority to Resist Reconciliation by organizing some sort of enormous unanimous expression of outrage.

  2. Patty Murray was one of the perpetrators of this, being one of the committee members authorizing the reconciliation language. I made a call and sent an email earlier today, but it all happened so quickly, it was practically impossible to mount any kind of opposition. This seems like a good issue for Tea Partiers to coalesce around, seeing how great of an impact it will have on the U.S. economy.

  3. Liberty Belle,
    Thank you for all you are doing here in left wing kookville.
    Do not be discouraged.
    The Truth will prevail.
    Keep up the good work with good humor.
    Ace in Seattle

  4. Your frustration is realistic. We are being forced into accepting the destruction of our nation right before our eyes. Like we're supposed to say, thank you, please sir, I want some more. They won't give up. If you read any Karl Marx, it's all there -- the so-called rights, the abolition of private property, the class warfare -- it's ALL in the Dem's playbook. How have other reasonable people around the world stopped it in their countries? Where are the non-socialists in Western Europe? That's us, if were lucky. We're too "nice" to resist the way we should, the only way these Marxists understand opposition. We probably face what the anti-communists faced in Asia. We won't be here, the Marxists will be happy, as there will be no disagreement and plenty of property to redistribute. No, our future is either a hellish life of anemic and polite disagreement with our Dear Leaders, or there will be no life. The left is breaking our backs and we're dithering. But on the bright side I met a lot of seriously concerned citizens at the Olympia Tea Party last week. It left a lasting impression on all of us. We have to continue resisting any and all way we can.

  5. "This seems like a good issue for Tea Partiers to coalesce around"

    Absolutely, and let's involve health care interest groups everywhere. Incompetent govt. control must be checked. That in conjunction with personal freedom and responsibility must be major themes of our tea parties.

    By the way, have you heard any more news about the June 27th Tea Parties?

  6. Liberty Belle,

    I share your frustration over all these little wanna-be dictators we have in congress. I doubt you were serious about refusing to pay your taxes but just on the off chance you were let me give this caution. Don’t do it! Refusing to pay your taxes will only land you in jail. However, do not pay one penny more than the law requires of you. Take every deduction to which you are legally entitled. If you receive a tax refund, adjust your withholding so that you will end up owing money at tax time. This serves 2 purposes. First, it prevents the government from getting what is essentially an interest free loan of your money. Second, it will make tax time even more galling to you. Instead of the benevolent government sending you money (hurray!), you will have to write them a check (Boo!). It will give you a whole new perspective on Taxes and Government.

    As to what to do about congress, I wish I knew. Obviously we need to vote these idiots out of office but the discouraging thing is that so many voters are willing to vote for these idiots. Just look at the margin of victory most of them won by. We need to change the “Hearts and Minds” of the people, and I think that means reforming a public education system that indoctrinates kids to want a big government.

  7. Liberty Belle,

    Patty Murray is on the conference committee for this universal health care power grab. I sent her an email earlier this month asking that the health care issue NOT be subject to reconciliation. This is a process designed to squelch debate and opposition requiring only 20 hours of debate, 50 votes instead of the regular 60, and absolutely NO amendments. I received a reply from Senator Murray's office on April 7th in which she said she hoped that there would be a "serious and thoughtful debate" on the health care reform issue. I sent her another email today "reminding" her of this statement. We Washington voters need to hold Murray's feet to the fire and make her stand by this statement. As many of us as possible need to call her offices and/or send emails. You can use the following link:

    There is no time to waste on this. I have heard that they want to rush this through in time for Obummer's big 100 day prime time press conference on Wednesday night.

  8. Get better!

  9. HI Liberty,

    Dr. Weiss is so against bailouts that he's asking people to sign his petition against them before our country is destroyed. He is taking the petitions to Congress and the White House the first of next week and will have media coverage . There are just 2 days left to sign. He's got 43,900 now.....
    - He states "If you haven’t already added your name to our petition demanding that Washington stop these failed bailouts, please copy this link to sign it now.

  10. Here is what we can and need to do: We can have all the TEA parties we want, but we have to do things in a little more desperate way. We have a great start - people are fired up and ready to take our country back. But what exactly do we want, and how are we going to get it? If we do not make the normal, everyday lives of our elected officials a bit uncomfortable, we will continue to be ignore. Of course we should vote and do the normal stuff. But too often the people we elect go to D.C. or Olympia or whatever and lost their vision. That is why we absolutely must codify how we want our country to be run. So please - join in with "Push Back Until"! This approach needs to be executed in D.C. and in all states in the Union. Because otherwise our country and states are toast.


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