Thursday, April 23, 2009

Congrats WA Tea Partiers!!! UPDATED

Update: The proposed "temporary" sales tax for WA State is now dead too!!! The reason? "Not enough support." CONGRATS TEA PARTIERS!!!


Even if they don't say it, I think we all know why Lisa Brown (D - Spokane) concludes there is not enough support to raise the issue of a state income tax.



  1. Long time lurker first time poster. Congrats to you all in WA state. I don't live there but this gives me hope that we may be able to stem the tide of "taxed to death"...Good job!

  2. "House Majority Leader Lynn Kessler confirmed that the bill doesn't have enough votes to pass, but said that health care advocates and other groups supporting the measure are pushing Democratic caucus members to back the tax.

    'Nothing is ever dead here,' Kessler said. "

    Hmmm. Is Kessler suggesting that Democratic caucus members may actually be ZOMBIES??

  3. Bout time our "reps" in Olympia wake up and smell the coffee. We aren't going to take it any more!


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