Thursday, April 16, 2009

Almost 1,000 in Downtown Seattle to Protest Spending and Socialism! Updated Count!

Update: The count was actually around 1200!

Before I go to sleep tonight, I would just like to say, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Patriotism is so sweet.

Well done Seattle. We must be hitting a nerve because my almost hate mail has certainly increased just over the course of the day. Well done indeed. Oh! Steven Beren and I were also mentioned as co-conspirators in the Huffington Post's article about the "real" timeline of the tea party movement. I feel sorry for the dopey emo kid that spent her entire day researching the links for the article. It's like reading a Harriet the Spy novel. It goes something like this:

February 11, 2009
8:35 a.m.
Liberty Belle eats breakfast and asks her fiance for a lift to work.

February 11, 2009
10:46 a.m.
Liberty Belle takes a poo.

February 11, 2009
5:12 p.m.
Liberty Belle and Steve Beren both have dinner AT THE SAME TIME!!!

It's awesomely pathetic. Thanks HuffPo!

There are many things I'd like to say, but I'll only say a couple for now. To all the people that are whining like babies about, "Where were you for the last eight years while Bush ran the deficit up??" Let me say this.
1.) If you are referring to the Iraq War, you must first ask if you are speaking to someone who supported that effort. Stop ASSuming everything. There are/were plenty of groups that opposed that spending, as well as the spending today. However, for those that do support the spending on the war, or for defense in general, the argument is simply that the Constitution explicitly enumerates national defense as one of the federal government's actual responsibilities. Whereas, bailing out a failing, private company is nowhere in the Constitution.
2.) I fully admit we are late to the game. Ya got me. I wish I had been on the ball a long time ago. Bush pre-socialized America for the Great Socializer, Obama, and that will forever upset me. However, allow me to ask you a question. IF you protested outrageous spending for the last eight years, how do YOU justify the frantic and sudden about face on that issue? Do you no longer care about national debt or deficits? I think it is much more strange to be against "wasteful" spending for eight years and then drop the issue like a hot potato than to simply be late to picking up a protest sign. I wonder how you sleep at night knowing your Messiah is going to T.R.I.P.L.E. the deficit, according to his very own Congressional Budget Office. I wonder how you look in the mirror knowing that your Savior is spending more than ALL PRESIDENTS COMBINED (including Bush and the Iraq War) in only his first two months. I wonder what it's like to have an Obamasm. It can't be pretty.

Sorry to all the hopey changey miscreants out there who are freaking out at the thought of real Americans (you know, the ones that pay taxes, unlike 6 of Obama's cabinet nominees and the current head of the IRS/Secretary of Treasury) finally fighting back.

Eat it.

Pleasant dreams everyone. Thank you for your efforts. It has been another wonderful day of 1st Amendment proclamations.


  1. The Tea Party yesterday was really awesome!! It was done really well and I like that the focus was kept specifically on the problem of Government Spending. There were a lot of great witty comments :-p and I think the overall energy was very positive. It was well organized and I left feeling motivated and glad I went. It's also encouraging to gather with large numbers of people who don't necessarily agree with the opinion of the majority in this state (cough). Well done, Liberty Belle!

  2. I'm not really anonymous but it was faster to say so. Thanks Liberty Belle, the Seattle event went well. I am a middle aged, unemployed WaMu casualty but even though I would likely benefit from all the spending it is just wrong to saddle the next generation with an enormous debt and a socialist government. Keep up the great work. I'll keep writing the local politicians and showing up when I can.

  3. Yesterday was a great victory for those who truly understand what it means to be an American. And we're just getting started! (Now there's an exhilarating - if exhausting thought)

    Of course, our media didn't outdo itself and what "focus" there was went to Olympia, but at least they didn't ignore us completely. I actually saw brief flashes of Seattle during the 11:00 pm newscasts on KING and KIRO! I have posted links to the local coverage I've found so far on

  4. Liberty
    Keep up the great work! Don't let the Seattle-liberals/progressives get to you, as they just don't understand that we have something called a "Constitution" that we need to get back to following.
    By the way, if people were inspired by the tea party and want to learn more about the Constitution and help get our country back to the what our Founding Fathers created, check out the conservative groups to join on

  5. It was so encouraging to hear the honks and see the waves in the predominantly liberal town of Mount Vernon! The negative gestures were few, and the positive feedback was invigorating. Now everyone needs to contact their elected reps and demand that they stop the massive spending.

  6. Good job, Keli. Lots of hard work, I know, but you created lots of good feeling at the rally.

    I'm afraid the brickbats from the left will get worse as the movement gets bigger.

    Anyone that wants the real stuff on government spending can't do better than click over to

  7. Next up? July 4th?.... March on DC?

  8. I went to the Seattle tea party and had a great time. The crowd was really diverse but united in its desire to stop our freedom from slipping away. Loved it! Thanks for organizing the event!

  9. I was there yesterday! You did a great job organizing and are to be commended!

  10. I was there yesterday! You did a fantastic job in organizing it. You are to be commended!

  11. Excellent event! I am ready for the Seattle Independence Day Tea Party - maybe it should be on the evening of July 3? Also, I am lobbying for an eventual Two Million Taxpayer March on Washington, D.C.! ... Does anyone have any video of yesterday's rally?

  12. I made it to the event yesterday and was very pleased with the turnout. Thanks for you efforts and keep up the good work!

  13. We're with you down here in Oregon! We had great turn-outs: Salem ~3,500, and Portland had ~5,000 in Pioneer square. Thank you so much, it's started, and moving, and will continue. Next up is July 4th. =)

  14. Thank you, lovely patriot woman for all of your hard work. I've been waiting 33 years for a TEA PARTY! No joke! My parents reported that New Bern, North Carolina (a town of 22,000) had 1200 show up - which is unreal, but it's full of retired Yankees!

    I am trying to locate that CENTRAL LIST OF STATS
    gathered by whomever we text messaged - can you
    post it? Unfortunately loads of tiny towns like New Bern won't even be listed...and my googling is for naught so far.

    Also...for your book list: THE LAW (1850) Fredric Bastiat, forewarning about France's slide into Socialism.

  15. Thank you, exceptional patriot woman, for your hard work. I've been waiting 33 years for a TEA PARTY, so I had some fun!

    My parents' paper reported 1200 turned out in NEW BERN, NC - a town of 22,000. WHAT a showing there.

    Can you post the link to the central counting place we text messaged yesterday? Googling for stats has been fruitless.

    LN in Poulsbo

  16. I was there and I say wow! Kudos. Never seen anything like this in Seattle . I could not hear all and I would love to know (1) who is Louise Strong (spelling?) and can I find something written telling more about her speech yesterday? (2) Who was the gentleman on the platform with the salt and pepper hair and beard that opened the serious tone, espcially when he quoted the Lincoln Douglas debates , about your right to keep the fruits from your work. I thought that was approrpaite.

    In fact, I thought the tone of the whole event was purposeful and measured.

  17. Hey Liberty Belle!
    First and foremost, Kudos for such a great job organizing and MCing the 2nd Tea Party. MAJOR Kudos to you for the 1st one (I couldn't attend) that you organized without any backing. You seriously are a model for how we as Americans need to get back into the political process, deliberate amongst each other and demand accountability from the Government!

    My first bit of a commentary is on the turnout:
    Surprisingly, I thought the turnout would be bigger. I really did. Unfortunately, I think the traffic on the way back up from Olympia might have killed some of our numbers. There's just nothing we could do about that. The downer is, I know personally that a lot of fiscal conservatives I know outside the GOP were apathetic or didn't want to stand with Republicans when most of the Party have been part of the problem in the last 8 years. It's a shame because it just hurts our numbers in scenarios like this. I was able to set aside my differences and get motivated to amass for a greater good. It's a shame so many people didn't. I personally am disgusted that so many people I know that share my personal views, flaked out when it was time for action.

    Various Cons, IMHO:

    1) I thought a few of the Speakers were just a tad dull,a tiny bit unprepared and just not much for rallying a crowd. I think things got a little slow at times and took the "life" out of the crowd.

    2) Anyone running for office speaking up speaking was a downer for me. To me, this was about the people. I don't think elected officials should have been speaking at ANY of the Tea Parties. Doesn't matter what their personal political track record is, they have FAILED us all collectively. This was a time for OUR voices, not theirs to campaign on or push agendas through.

    3) The music. I know it's not the easiest thing to find fun and hip rebel-rousing yet patriotic music, but damn! Some of that sounded like pre-school sing along! How about mixing it up with Hendrix's "Star-Spangled Banner" solo or the 80's Metal Group Stryper's rocked out version of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic"? There's got to be some more suggestions out there!

    4) The length. I thought it was juuuuuust a bit too long, objectively. I think there could have been more emphasis on motivating the crowd to meet each other and deliberate and just some fun "party" songs in between talks to get some people "shakin' n' shimmyin'" ;)

    5) The scheduling of future dates on major holiday weekends. I understand the correlation obviously. I just think it's going to kill your numbers. Especially 2 in a row over major holiday weekends. That could mean a fizzling out period over the next 8 months that could really be tough to build momentum back from.


    1) Honestly, it was pretty frickin' good for being in the middle of the work week and right smack in the middle of rush hour! Things probably couldn't have gone smoother.

    2) You are a great orator and loved your passion and wit. I think the crowd needed that. I really LOVED that you emphasized the need for us to wake up again and remember what charity is about and keep it from being legislated. I loved that you gave shout-outs to us Independents, Libertarians and Constitutionalists that basically started this modern day movement years ago!

    3) Your Joplin "remix" was AWESOME. Nice work.

    Overall, I think things were pretty damn good and just wanted to share some criticisms in hopes of feedback from anyone.

    Again, Kudos and Keep up the good fight!

  18. I thought the speakers at yesterday's Tea Party at Westlake were exceptional. I loved Rose Strong...would like to hear and see more of her. The event was fun, all the signs were great, the energy very positive and, again, the speakers were well worth listening to. Thank you for organizing the event, LibertyBelle.

  19. So freaking awesome! So glad I went! Notice how half of the cops left before the event ended and they all looked bored-- Not something that happens at the liberal rallies. How are WE the radicals? I'm reading the book Slouching Towards Gomorrah and just read about the leftists radical protests of the 60s-- SOOOOOO violent! Even now they are like Neanderthals. In comparison we are so.... civil.

  20. Belle, people like you is the only reason I don't fear for the future of this country. Please consider organizing something for Independence Day to drive home the message that We The People are mad as hell!

  21. Awesome job, was there with my conservative right wing extremist friends!Will be there all the way!


    If anyone has accurate estimates for the Seattle and Bellevue turnouts- please contact the site as neither are even listed on the tally sheet
    there yet and they want good best estimates!

  23. We the people have to; must, elect a minimum of 20 U.S. Senators that are ordinary people. Just one Senator does not have the power. We can put a stop to this madness and move the government back to its main duties, protecting our national security, sealing our borders and assistance during emergencies.
    I know this is something thing that has been talked about before that ordinary people should be in government.
    I also know that it has been said that an ordinary person cannot win without large donations from powerful people and large labor unions. I said that; ordinary people can raise large amounts of money from individual donors and put large number of individual boots on the ground.
    I am going to run for the U.S. Senate against Patty Murray in 2010, and I need your support and need to hear from you by the thousands.
    E-mail me so I can decide if I have the support to run for this office.
    Scott Johnson

    I am an Instructor of Electronic Engineering

    Please send your comments: or call 206-261-6435


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