Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your Rush Roundup

Very short post tonight (I know everyone is thinking, finally!), only one link for you to check out: The Anchoress. I know everyone is talking about Rush, and she just has such a good roundup of all the different analyses and viewpoints. Go on over there, rummage around, see what you can see; there's some mighty fine stuff.

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  1. The DNC started a billboard project where they are asking people to send in slogans they can put on that billboard and put up where Rush can see it. Rush told his listeners last week to go to that site and offer up slogans cheering Rush on and offering slogan ideas like "We love Rush!" Rush said the last time the DNC had some lame project like this, they stopped it because everyone was writing in nice things to put on the billboard, haha! Here is the link to the website:

    Let's inundate them with love messages to Rush!

    Just goes to show you what's REALLY the priority of the Democratic party with our economy in trouble, all they care about is slamming Rush. Why am I not surprised!


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