Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trying to Deny our Grassroots Efforts

I'm going to piggyback onto my previous post about the article written about the Seattle Tea Party. Something I neglected to mention was a comment he made, in addition to a comment made by a sociologist from Eastern Illinois University. 

1. From Eugenia Deerman, a sociologist who studies conservative social movements - 
How grassroots the movement really is, is debatable, says Ms. Deerman at Eastern Illinois University. “I’m suspicious only because … the conservative movement has repeatedly used this tactic of creating an appearance of grassroots activism when they’re actually very well orchestrated,” she says. “It allows them to mask this ongoing ideological battle that’s super-invested in small government, low taxes, and a free market.”

2. From Dennis Mooney, a tweeter and self-described liberal, asked by TCOT to report on the Seattle Tea Party - 
What’s ironic about the teaparty concept is that is was hatched up by CNBC not #tcot. After having milked their Jim Cramer “they know nothing” moment for months CNBC management needed another scripted rant to boost ratings. That twitter upstart @stocktwits had the nerve to issue a call to boycott CNBC. They needed a new champion of the average person. Rick Santelli’s name got major applause today. Their plan worked. We have a new champion for the everyday guy who does not want to pay for his neighbors extra bathroom.

So it seems that we have an attempt to discredit conservative grassroots movements, and thereby their power and sincerity, by leveling a charge of "well orchestrated" or "corporate." It is a denial put forth in order to cool the rising passions and energy by trying to suck the life out. Let me just say this: I planned the first Porkulus Protest c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y on my own. I paid the $50 for the permit and I started emailing people. Not one GOP official, county or state, showed up or offered to help. I planned the Tea Party with the help of one other woman, again I paid the $50 for the permit, and we started emailing people. And again, not one GOP official helped. It is so insulting to insinuate that we are not an authentic, and admittedly ragtag, group of citizens that have finally had enough, and are finally willing to do something about it.

If anyone is well orchestrated it is the crowd that is funded by billionaire George Soros. It seems to me that she not so much studies conservative social movements as sits at home and postulates about them. I challenge her to actually come speak with some of us to see how far removed we are from any sort of official machinery, but I know it's a scary world outside that ivory tower.


  1. Right on, Keli!! Too bad they won't debate you in person, 'cause you'd win hands down!

    Of course there will be smear tactics coming from the left. It's what they do. Just remember - the more they criticize, the more they reveal the fact they feel threatened.

    This is just the beginning.

  2. Hi there. I've been writing about the tea party events Seattle tea party events. Please feel free to add anything that should be in the article. Thanks much.

  3. Liberals will ALWAYS try to paint your efforts as motivated, financed or backed by big business or Corporate America . For decades they have successfully painted themselves as the "champions of the working class" through the manipulations of the Liberal media outlets. When grass roots efforts like this spring up, it blows their cover and allows people to see the realities.

    I got the same treatment over at Seattle City Councilman, Tim Burgess's Blog when I commented on the Bag Tax he was championing. He assured his comment board that I was most likely a representative of the plastics industry!!
    (Keep in mind, Burgess has been rumored to be looking at the Mayor's seat)

    Here's his Blog (I'm not sure if I can use HTML in a comment, so here's the URL):

    Anyways, let's keep these politician's accountable! Let them know that they have conservative constituents who work hard, pay way too many taxes and vote! Keep them on their toes and make 'em sweat a bit!

  4. You are my new hero. I want to write the stuff you are putting on here but everytime I start my blood starts boiling and I end up ranting. I try to stay calm. Thank you.

    I have linked you from my blog. Keep it up.


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