Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rahm Emanuel Equates NRA Members to Terrorists

Isn't it funny that the guys who actually fly planes into buildings, kidnap innocent people and chop off their heads, and openly call for the destruction of our nation cannot be called terrorists, but we, the lawful citizens of the United States who are members of the NRA, are considered terrorists? Rahm "Scar" Emanuel is like a nightmare version of Jeff Foxworthy. Instead of making innocent correlations about rednecks, Emanuel makes correlations like this: if you're a member of the NRA, then you might be a terrorist.

This is even more disturbing in light of the story coming out of Missouri about the attempts to tie Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, constitutionalists, etc. to militias and terrorism. My guess is Rahm's idea is that if you decree that suspected terrorists cannot have guns, and then you label supporters of the 2nd Amendment as terrorists, you then can revoke the gun rights belonging to that suspected group.

Two things come to mind:
1. I thought we were not allowed to just bandy about the term "terrorist" so lightly. We also, according to Napolitano, cannot use "terrorism" anymore either. Those terrorist attacks are actually "man-made disasters." So a Ron Paul supporter can now be considered a suspected terrorist, while a prisoner at Guatanamo Bay who was caught trying to murder and terrorize American troops and Iraqi civiliations must not be labeled as such.
2. Someone needs to get the Thomas Moore Law Center to file a suit because I'm preeeeeeetty sure this is profiling.

I just had a very scary thought. Maybe Rahm is the one behind The One's Teleprompter!

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  1. This is a great post. This is exactly the reason that we need to band together. We are NOT special interests like Rahm Emmanuel likes to state. We are American Patriots, American Citizens endowed by our Creator with certain rights that are part of a social contract entered into at the beginning of our union. If Rham and Barrack and the leftist in Congress who voted to super tax the AIG Execs are willing to abrogate AIG's business contracts, they are willing to abrogate the Constitution. Make no mistake that this is what they will do if we do not stop them.


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