Monday, March 30, 2009

A Quickie: Education

Grrr. As a teacher this kind of thing irks me to no end. The main reason I chose not to teach in a public school was because I refuse to be beholden to any teacher's union.* They have ruined the education in this country. The unions have made it impossible to fire incompetent teachers or reward talented teachers based on merit. We have no system in place to deal with the actual effectiveness of our teachers, and this terrible problem can solely be laid at the feet of teacher's unions across the nation.

Washington State schools just received some grades, and guess what they found? I'm sure you can guess, we're not doing very well. Overall we received a C-. The most troubling part of the study was the analysis on awarding tenure. Via the Washington Policy Center:
Washington does not require any process to ensure that tenure decisions are meaningful. Washington has a two-year probationary period for new teachers, but there is no indication that at the conclusion of this period any additional process evaluating cumulative evidence of teacher effectiveness is required for tenure. The awarding of tenure appears to be virtually automatic. See page 13.
But don't you dare try to change this process - even though change is like oxygen now, it is vital to our very existence according to the Obamabots nowadays. No, yet again, they have proven their hypocrisy. We are not allowed to even think about changing the systems that might actually bring out positive outcomes in our society if those changes wrestle power from the government and puts it back into the hands of the people.

*I teach for a nonprofit organization


  1. Another reason to homeschool. :)

  2. The public education system was co-opted by the socialist decades ago.

    Information is controlled via the NCSS, the teachers unions and Washington DC politicians that have outcome based indoctrination as a goal for education.

    To really become educated on our education system these to web sites peel away the lefts system!

  3. Amen - we plan on sending ours to Private School.


  4. I was a rabid public schools advocate when my children were in school. Yes, I was one of "those people" who "sacrificed" their children to make a point. Actually, no. I was one of those people who learned the system, how to work it, and how to advocate for my kids (and their friends). As a result, my kids got an excellent education, did well in college, and now have meaningful jobs in their chosen fields.

    Of course, we lived in a right-to-work state and the teachers' union, while influential, didn't have a chokehold on the administration.

    I still believe that it would be a terrible mistake to let the public schools fail. Those who cannot afford private schools (and those we REALLY don't WANT to home-school their kids!) need a path to educate their children. Uneducated thugs are more dangerous than thugs who have at least been exposed to knowledge and worlds other than their own.

    That said -- am I upset that my grandchildren are in private school? Not really. Does that make me sad? Yep.

  5. I was educated entirely in the public school system, except for a couple of years in a private college. It worked well for me, and I would not change any of it.

    Today, I think that there is no chance whatsoever of getting a proper education in a public school system any more. I argue at every opportunity for the closing of all public schools. Let us go back to the days when education was truly a rarity, something that would again be valued.

    Today, we have this absurd idea that everyone should go to college which is simply not true. Most people should not go to college. Most people have neither the intelligence nor the motivation to go to college. They should have the opportunity to go to a trade school if they have the motivation. But education should be considered a privilege, not to be taken lightly and not be be blown off. We waste untold amounts of money baby sitting children who do not want to be in school and who should be put to work. It is really time that our society got serious about education and about life in general.


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