Saturday, March 7, 2009

Push Back!!!

One of the greatest local organizations is the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. They are awesome. They are also hosting a petition, a movement, and a rally in Olympia on April 15th. It is called Push Back! No New Taxes! Now this is a separate event from the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party, but the EFF's rally is at noon, and ours will be in the evening, closer to Seattle. I say the more the merrier! So for those of you that have the day off, or live nearer to Olympia, please, please try to attend their rally. Check out the links above, and at the very least, go sign their petition!!


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  1. We have a group leaving from Federal Way around 11:00 and coming back around 1:00 if anyone would like to join us. I may go to both.


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