Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Guest post by Ma LibertyBelle

Hopefully, we regular citizens are too smart to be sucked in by the Theater of the Absurd that went on yesterday in Washington, D.C. President Obama said he did not want to "quell the anger" but to channel it.

Congressional clown Barney Frank felt his imperious demand for names of AIG executives who received bonuses outweighed any death threats being received by AIG.

Senator Dodd first denied, then later confirmed that he had inserted the loophole in the Porkulus bill that allowed the bonuses to be paid and he did it at the request of the Treasury Department

If you are getting the feeling that juvenile delinquents are loose in the nation's capital, wrecking havoc, inciting anger with hate speech, pointing fingers at the employees of a private company who, it turns out, are basically complying with contractual obligations that were legalized by the Porkulus bill, you are probably spot on accurate.

Looks a lot like the Guys Behind the Curtain--the ones pulling the strings, voting for trillions of taxpayer dollars without reading the bills, wasting no crisis in order to inflict their vision of a social utopia on the rest of us--don't want us looking at them and holding them responsible.
But that is exactly what we need to do. Don't buy what they are selling. It is Snake Oil. The people actually responsible for this debacle are those who voted for Porkulus and for all the other bailouts. It is the people who voted to insert the government in the economy instead of allowing the free markets to work according to natural order. It is the people who couldn't wait to have a REAL discussion on the floor of Congress or at least in committee hearings before demanding passage to "avoid a contastrophe."

What we need are some adults in positions of government authority. A few thinkers who can look beyond their personal, immediate greed for campaign contributions (which Sens Obama and Dodd received from AIG) would be really refreshing. They might actually stop and consider what they and their policies might mean for the country and future generations. We need some men, and women, like our founders. Maybe someone like Thomas Jefferson who said: "...we shall all consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle posterity with our debts, and morally bound to pay them ourselves; and consequently within what may be deemed the period of a generation, or the life (expectancy) of the majority."

This is our job as citizens. We will let those in power know that we are not buying the lies any longer and that we see behind the curtain. We will talk to our neighbors, families, and friends to spread the message....we need adults in our government.

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  1. As simple as A, B, C
    Many are beginning to understand the risk the Obama administration poses to their families and futures, and it is driving them from previous support for President Obama (Point A)into the group that wants to change things (Point B). Often, these newly-educated people do not know what to do (Point C) with their concern for their country. The Tea Party movement is key to moving vast groups of people from the Point B to Point C- participation and activism

    Laine Johnson, Organizer
    Vancouver Washington Pork Protest


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