Friday, March 20, 2009

New Alarming and Inconvenient Truths about CO2 Levels

A little known fact about CO2, and its effect on human beings, has just come to my attention. I wanted to share this with the world, if only to begin to bring awareness to this dire issue, which to this date, has been maliciously ignored by groups funded by special interests intent on proceeding with “business as usual.”

I have been researching the phenomenon of low levels of CO2, and this, my dear friends, is the grave information I have uncovered.

Via Wikipedia , an even slightly lower than normal CO2 level…

…reduces the carbon dioxide concentration of the blood to below its normal level, thereby raising the blood's pH value, initiating constriction of the blood vessels which supply the brain, and preventing the transport of certain electrolytes necessary for
the function of the nervous system.

…low concentration[s] of carbon dioxide in the blood is known as hypocapnia. Since carbon dioxide is carried as carbonic acid in the blood, hypocapnia results in the blood becoming alkaline, i.e. the blood pH value rises. This is known as a respiratory alkalosis... low carbon dioxide levels… [Snip]… cause the brain's blood vessels to constrict, resulting in reduced blood flow to the brain…

This is very, very serious. I believe, based on these irrefutable and scientific facts upon which all scientists agree, therefore implying a consensus amongst them, that we must immediately, without delay, put into effect such policies that will increase the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere instantaneously. This must be a worldwide effort as human beings in every nation are in danger of suffering great illnesses from CO2 reduction attempts being implemented right now! How can those that promote CO2 reduction face themselves in the mirror day after day knowing that they are causing so much harm to their fellow man? What about the children? Will they be born into a world of sickness, illness, and death?

Consider the ramifications of people who might faint from low levels of CO2 while:
  • driving on freeways; 
  • operating heavy machinery; 
  • piloting commercial airplanes full of women, children, babies, women pregnant with twins, nuns, Buddhist monks, environmentalists, grandmas and the entire Special Olympics bowling team; 
  • or steering container ships and oil tankers;
We would have a massacre larger than anything seen before in our history.

Some would argue that the efforts to reduce CO2 levels, without regard for dire consequences, are racist and imperialistic. Some would argue that those that continue to work towards minimizing CO2, in spite of all of the evidence supporting the disastrous harm this would bring, are exactly the same as those that thought the world was flat. They obviously do not care about people, or that reducing CO2 levels will most assuredly march us all into a worldwide, apocalyptic death camp.


  1. LibertyBelle, I love your blog and am an avid reader but I have one little irk. I've noticed that you use Wikipedia as a source for information as do some other bloggers. As someone who is wanting more knowledge and correct information I just am concerned that by using Wikipedia as your main source for definitions and such may lead to mis information as Wikipedia is a sight that is not necessarily monitored for its accuracy but is a place where users can post information they deem to be true and edit the postings of other people. This is from Wikipedia's own website "Because Wikipedia is an ongoing work to which, in principle, anybody can contribute, it differs from a paper-based reference source in important ways. In particular, older articles tend to be more comprehensive and balanced, while newer articles more frequently contain significant misinformation, unencyclopedic content, or vandalism". Anyway, I'm sure you do but I just hope that before posting information soley from wikipedia that you dig a little further into what it claims to be truth.

    Still loving your blog,

  2. No worries K-Ron! Actually, I was using Wikipedia on purpose in this post, to illustrate exactly that kind of thing - while I was making fun of the global warming crowd...I hope that comes across!

  3. Great post! I have regular "Global Warming Updates" on COMMON CENTS ;)

  4. Oh no! Al Gore will faint at this!

  5. Your whole premise is based on the misunderstanding of what a "normal" level of CO2 is, for starters. Based on studying ice samples, normal levels of CO2 have fluctuated consistently from around 200-280 parts per million for the last 400,000 years, but only in the last 50 (not 50,000, but 50) years have levels crept up to about 380 ppm, just as temperatures have consistently risen. Reducing CO2 in the environment will only bring it back to normal levels, which humans have coped with nicely for 1000s of years prior.


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