Thursday, March 26, 2009

McDermott Scared of Deep Tones and Straight Faces

Some local news about our favorite commie, Jim McDermott. Apparently he now has a blog (H/T: Steve Beren) over at the new online version of the Seattle PI.  A sample:
A few weeks ago the House Ways and Means Committee, of which I am a Member, held a hearing on climate change. One prominent witness called by the other party to testify said he didn't think climate change was real. He said it with a straight face and using deep tones meant to convey that he was the expert and we were rank amateurs.
"He said it with a straight face and using deep tones..." What a jerk, eh? Hello? McFly? Maybe he was presenting his opinions with a straight face because he REALLY BELIEVES WHAT HE IS SAYING!!! Gosh!!! And it is quite possible, bear with me now, that he was attempting to convey the seriously calamitous consequences of your own clumsily held environazi, alarmist viewpoint. Maybe, just maybe, that's why he was using those scary, scary, deep tones. Don't be scared Jim, hopefully you won't have to listen to any of those scary "willful deniers" for much longer, because hopefully you will be out a job before long. SNAP.

Well, if that scientist got ol' Jimmy's panties in a twist, then I'm sure he is going to be horrified to know that abnormally low levels of CO2 can cause sudden fainting and (now in a deep tone) even death.

On a side note: is it not some violation of campaign financing to allow an elected official to be a regular blogger on your news site? Does anyone know if this is just inappropriate or actually somewhat illegal?

Anyhow, you know what you must do, right? Keep an eye on his PI blog and make your voice heard. He won't listen, but we'd better use our right to free political speech while we still have it.


  1. Jim McDermott needs to CONSTANTLY be checked by Conservatives in his district. I have been in Seattle under his representation in the 36th District for 11 years and he epitomizes everything most conservatives despise.

    During the Wall Street Bail Out hearings in Congress, I bombarded his office and private e-mail address (he actually has been the ONLY Congressman to ever e-mail me back personally, so kudos for that) with threats to lead a "one-man crusade" in the 36th District during his re-election campaign. I made sure I detailed how I would do it: with his own hypocritical quotes about the evils of special interests and his obvious lack of support for term limits. I think I was very effective in my detaling of exactly what I would say and his quotes I would use when I canvassed the district the likes of which he would never believe.

    Now, I don't want to be presumptuous and assume I was anything other than a tiny "blip" on his active-voter, constituent radar, but HE WAS the ONLY Representative in the ENTIRE HOUSE to change his vote from Yeah, to NAY when the Bill came back to House.

    Let's keep on this guy and make him be accountable even to his constituents that favor limited taxes and government intervention.

    I will share his e-mail if anyone is interested.

  2. McDermott is strongly supported by the local unions in this state with their donations of PAC monies to his campaign because he forwards their agenda, which is leftist supreme. I'm not anti union but I also realize that everything unions want may not always be the best thing for the rest of Americans, e.g. the Employee Free Choice Act or card check which will eliminate the secret ballot, force companies to unionize employees and that can translate to companies like WalMart no longer being able to offer low prices and bargain deals for consumers.

    If you're a conservative in this state you have to really keep after McDermott and make sure he understands we're paying attention to what he's up to and we'll be voting accordingly if he does not listen to us.


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