Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am venturing into creating designs for t-shirts and other shwag, and I wanted to share my first design with you all! I am focusing on gear for the upcoming Tax Day Tea Party, but my little online store will soon have other designs, including the big, red Conservative "C" that many people have asked about acquiring. My store is called, Redistributing Knowledge: The Store. I know, super creative name... Anyhoo, enjoy this one. It is most sincerely dedicated to our Washington State Senator, Patty Murray, who has voted for all of the outrageous spending, ignores her constituents, and is up for reelection in 2010...

Hahahaha. I hope people get it. If you don't, go here.


  1. Why not modernize the old Boston Tea Party, by making it a Tax Day Text Party. Check We provide a free text vote service and share the revenue.

    We can provide you with a nationwide text vote that everyone can join in on, and provide results in an easy to use excel format. Get the geographic's of voters by the area codes provided.

    Put a new twist on your program, and earn revenue to support your cause.

    Kind regards
    Thomas Demme
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  2. Hi Libertybelle. Found you through a link at Common Cents. Love your blog, really great work.

  3. The tea bag is great.
    You, however, are being too humble.
    You should of also included the name
    Liberty Belle 2009 on the other side. In fact you should have made a "commemorative edition", featuring your group, to mark the fact you started it all right here in the heart of liberalism land!

    I would recommend Family Security Matters for knowledge quenching also.

    Also the site is becoming an invaluable resource for conservatives to find and link up at the local level with tons and tons of links like Smart Girl Politics.


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