Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Like Trying to Explain why 2 + 2 = 4

Sigh. I do not understand why we must explain the reasons why free market advocates are not fans of socialism over, and over, and over, and over, and over again to the lefties. Luckily, I am a patient, patient woman and I will indulge you (and you know who you are) by trying to explain it yet again. I will begin by discussing the universal healthcare myth.

Healthcare is not a right for which the government is responsible to provide. Period. If you disagree, then you move to a country whose government provides it. Beyond it not being a right, there are pragmatic reasons why government should NEVER be responsible for healthcare. Two reasons that immediately make themselves clear are the decreases in quality and quantity of healthcare that occur when guv'mint takes over. When I say quality, I mean the standard of care drops significantly. Just ask all of the Canadians and Europeans who come to the US for care. When I say quantity, I am referring to the rationing of care. The only way for a government to control healthcare costs is to lay out a set of rules that determine whether or not your treatment is "cost-effective" to society as a whole. If your treatment is not cost-effective, too bad, uhh buh-bye. Gosh, that sounds like a pleasant society to live in! Can't wait 'til my parents are considered too old to get some drug or treatment so they are left to die. Oh wait! I'm being hasty. The government will provide them with assisted suicide options so that they will not be a slow drain on society. Whew. At least now we won't be putting "the biggest and oldest democracy on earth" to shame. 

If you care so much about non-insured people, here's an idea for you: why don't you start a charity whose sole mission it is is to subsidize the cost of health insurance for the poor. People could apply for some sort of voucher, based on their income level, in order to help pay for insurance. Or perhaps one family could sponsor another family - voluntarily - in the form of helping them to purchase health insurance. God forbid something like this be done outside of the halls of government. You know what, maybe it won't be free, but maybe it shouldn't be free. Did you ever think about that? It is a healthy thing to be held accountable and responsible for your own health. If you are invested in it, by having to pay for part of your care, why you might just take better care of yourself. It is called an incentive. If a person has no responsibility for his or her healthcare because the government pays for everything, then there is little incentive for that person to behave responsibly in regards to his or her health.

Additionally, with this kind of model, there is no confiscation of other people's money. It is a voluntary gift, from one human being to another. You are not committing a real injustice to cure an imaginary one. Again, it is immoral to take one person's money and dole it out at say, YOUR discretion. I-M-M-O-R-A-L. Say it with me, immoral. Maybe citizens would love to donate to something like this, but so far, the unimaginative left (and I admit, the leaders on the right haven't been too creative either) can only come up with more government, more government, more government. But let's keep on using the same tired models of more bureaucrats and a longer gauntlet for the tax dollars to move through so that at the end a few drops get squeezed out. That sure sounds like progress... or change... or something catchy.

And before you say something snotty like, "We Western Europeans..." implying that I'm some dolt who thinks Hamburg is a new meal at McDonald's, allow me inject some info here. I have lived and worked in Ireland for an extended period of time. I have lived and worked in Australia for an extended period of time. I have lived and worked in New Zealand for an extended period of time. I lived and worked in England, while attending the University of Oxford for a year. Soooooo I kind of know what I'm talking about. And while I'm at it, "We Americans..." are the most prosperous, successful, affluent people in the world, across the board, from top to bottom, because we base our society upon the Rule of Law and the Free Market; and we place Individual Liberty above the much vaunted but inadequate potential of "the collective." Also, your healthcare sucks in Western Europe. If you love it, you can keep it. I'd rather pay out of my own pocket (as I do now) for quality healthcare. You know, like the kind that allows me and every other woman to get a Pap smear anually to check for abnormalities like precancerous cells, unlike the healthcare in England that only allows women to go every three years, and it's like a 15 second exam there, a.k.a. completely inadequate.

PLUS - we have low income healthcare as it is, right now. All those millions of people are probably eligible for some sort of healthcare, but many of them choose not to sign up. You have to pay a little sometimes, but gosh, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? Not that a lot of those programs are even good programs, but there are already community health programs and discounted rates for people with little income. It is a sad, sad day when you become a slave to your government for a little bit of love here and there. 

Remember, with rights come responsibilities. If citizens do not have responsibilities, they have no rights.

I will deal with the rest of your comment tomorrow. I need some time to choose my words carefully... After all, I wouldn't want to lose my credibility...

G'night folks!


  1. hey there gf. i just heard about the tea party that you were at least partially responsible for setting up. i'm sorry i didn't find out about it sooner so i could have attended also. my wife and i are from the peninsula as in port angeles/port townsend and i'm working in everett and we'd like to be able to help with a grass roots organization to take back our country and our culture and nation from the liberal socialist/communist wack jobs that are currently in power. i talk to a lot of folks at work that are fed up with what has been happening to our country and many are getting prepared for a possible collapse of our economy and the resulting caos that would follow. i still have faith that we can restore our country to it's previous economic health and sanity, but we have to use some of the tactics the left have been using for 60 years or so to it. i also know that we are really behind the 8 ball in our organizational skills and that the left have perfected theirs through the years. long story short, can you email me at charliehartzell@yahoo.com with info on meetings etc so that i can feel like i'm helping turn this thing around? my wife spends all of her time in port angeles, but she'd like to get things going over there and i have a sister in snohomish that is willing to get involved over there also.

  2. Don't forget that the lefties fudge the numbers-- they say 9 million people don't have health insurance (maybe not the exact number but bear with me) but I know many many people who make enough money to pay out of pocket for their families with no complaints. In fact, for some small business owners or contractors, it IS cheaper to pay out of pocket with the deductible and whatnot. So if a parental unit has 5 kids but pay out of pocket because they CHOOSE to, the lefties still use those 5 children in their numbers to support their own agenda. And it's not as if anyone will be turned away in our country for lack of health insurance. If that were the case, I'd have been born at home with no care. Probably would've been the case if we did have socialized medicine....

  3. I'm really worried about the national health care proposal that's in the spendulus bill. The government should not be actively participating in a person's health care. That should always be between the physician and the patient, period!

    What I'm really worried about is this will end up turning into rationed health care where millions of people end up being put on waiting lists to wait for their health services they may need. I read an article once about the national health care system in Europe and how if the government decides you are no longer a "productive" citizen (i.e. disabled or senior citizens), these groups of people end up receiving less than quality health care and are sometimes denied services they need.

    I know our health care system in America needs some improvement but saying that a government controlled health care system is the solution is probably the worst path we can take. Obama keeps promoting "affordable" health care. Think about the ramifications of that and what it could end up meaning. If national health care is so great, WHY do you have people from other countries still coming to America for medical treatment?

    The big question is, do you really trust government that much to believe they will do the right thing with health care?!!!!

    Call your representatives and keep reminding them to vote NO on any nationalized, government run health care system! Keep burning their phone lines up. Email them. Fax them. If we keep reminding them that this is a horrible idea, more senators and congress may stand up against it. I just heard on the news that Senator Durbin from Illinois opposes it. I called him up and said thank you! And told him to keep opposing government run health care.

    Obama says that if you already have health care with your employer, you can keep it. Do they think we are THAT stupid?! How likely do you think it will be that YOUR employer will keep the private health care plan you currently enjoy with the rising costs of health care your employer has to pay to cover her/his employees? Especially when the government will make the national health care system so "affordable"? That will put any private health care system out of business before you can spell "big mistake"!

    Plus, I DO NOT WANT my medical records transferred to a massive, government electronic database. I value my privacy and that includes my medical records.

    Sorry for the long post but this pisses me off with government trying to push through this national health care system we will eventually end up regretting in the long run.

  4. You're missing a very important part of the healthcare debate. Not who pays or how, but that a good amount of Americans feel that Healthcare should be universal, that health is not a commodity to be profited from.

    I find the argument that the government should have nothing to do with my medical care interesting, if not iunrealistic. Especially coming from many (not specifically this blog) who simultaneously argue that the government should take away my reproductive rights? If you believe that the government has no place in healthcare, then you should support a woman's right to choose. And while you're at it, don't forget your support for gay marriage, which would allow many to benefit from pre-tax employer contributions through shared plans.


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