Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is going to be a fun one!!! Via Michelle Malkin's website, the DNC is apparently soliciting slogans from the Obamabots to put up a billboard in Rush Limbaugh's hometown that will disparage the man. Jen O'Malley Dillon, the new Executive Director of the DNC says,
Can you help us come up with a message for Rush that we’ll place on a billboard right in his hometown? We’ll go through all the slogans we get, and the winner will have his or her message appear on the billboard — and receive a free T-shirt featuring the winning slogan.


This is the website where people will go to submit their slogans. I want all of us to submit slogans as well - only they will be pro-Rush slogans! Let's inundate them with slogans supporting Rush. Now obviously they will get a lot from the Obamabots, and of course they will not pick one of ours, but how annoying to be forced to read through thousands of pro-Rush slogans! Hahahahaha!

Now, because it is a DNC call to arms, they are asking for your name and email address and all that. If you don't want to give them your info, just make something up, or create a false (or dozens) email address through some web based email provider like Hotmail, Google, or Yahoo.


And for those reading that think Rush is horrible man because Robert Gibbs and other Democrats are saying that he wants America to fail, or he wants the American economy to fail due to his statement of wanting Obama to fail, here is a bit of the transcript from his speech at CPAC:
It didn't take long for people to get fired up when they figured out that they're going to be paying mortgages for people who should never have been lent money in the first place for the bogus excuse of maintaining property values in the neighborhood. This is something that -- the complacency of the American people is something they're going to rely on along with their authoritarian efforts to control it. But they will not succeed at this. Because we're not quitters. We don't acquiesce. We're not going to give up the American dream and watch idly while it is restructured and transformed. [Applause]

As I say, we want the best: Happiness for everybody. Now, about my still-to-me mysteriously controversial comment that I hope President Obama fails. I was watching the Super Bowl. And as you know, I love the Pittsburgh Steelers. [Cheers and Applause] So they have this miraculous scoring drive that puts them up by four, 15 seconds left. Kurt Warner on the field for the Cardinals. And I sure as heck want you to know I hope he failed. I did not want the Cardinals to win. I wanted Warner to make the biggest fool of himself possible. I wanted a sack, I wanted anything. I wanted the Steelers to win. I wanted to win. I wanted the Cardinals to fail. This notion that I want the President to fail, folks, this shows you a sign of the problem we've got. That's nothing more than common sense and to not be able to say it, why in the world do I want what we just described, rampant government growth indebtedness, wealth that's not even being created yet that is being spent, what is in this? What possibly is in this that anybody of us wants to succeed?

If you believe that a President's policies will bring financial ruin to the country, do you want those policies to succeed? NO. Therefore you want him to fail - because his success in those policies would mean a broken American economy.

Democrats keep trying to say that Rush wants America to fail because if Obama fails, then we all fail. Sorry, that's backwards. America will succeed if Obama fails to implement his stranglehold over the economy.

(Note: the Dow has dropped from about 14,000 to just over 6,000 since just before his election...)


  1. I submitted the following slogan:

    "Rush is Right! Stop Obama's War on Prosperity!"

  2. We should also craft some that will really mess with their minds! You know, slogans that say one thing but could mean the other and vice versa. Imagine the confusion trying to sort it all out - hahaha!

  3. Excellent thinking! I am in for this one.

    Several formative thots...
    RUSH! to Stop Socialsm!!
    Rush detected the True Obama
    It takes a Rush to stop Obama's Rush to Failure
    Rush dosen't need a Teleprompter!

    This is like making popcorn for yourself!

  4. I sent one in too! Mine said "mega dittos Rush! Obama lied the economy died!"

  5. We're in a RUSH!! to Save Our Republic

    I see the submission page sends you directly to a donation solicitation.



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