Friday, March 20, 2009

Fantastic Resource for All Washingtonians!

I know that we are all distracted by the national, um, situation, shall we call it? However, we cannot afford to forget that our very own Chris(tine)* Gregoire will stop at nothing to one-up anything Obama's administration tries to implement. I know it is a lot of work, but it is so worth it, and honestly, we have a better chance of having an impact at a local and state level than we do at the national level. The good news from that, however, is that once we make our mark here, we will be strong enough to move on to confronting the Washington D.C. politician-aristocrats.

Allow me to introduce a very good resource for Washingtonians who want to know more about the kind of legislation that passes through the great halls down in Olympia. The Washington Policy Center is a great, nonpartisan group that works to educate the citizens of WA State on issues and legislation, while also proposing alternative solutions that utilize a free market strategy.
Washington Policy Center (WPC) improves lives of Washington citizens by providing accurate, high-quality research for policymakers, the media and the general public. [Snip]... that publishes studies, sponsors events and conferences and educates citizens on public policy issues facing our region.
Even better still is the Washington Votes website:
Washington Votes gives users instant access to concise, plain language and objective descriptions of every single bill, amendment, and vote that takes place in the Washington legislature. Unlike any other bill tracking utility, Washington Votes is unique because all legislative actions are described - not just those selected by a particular interest group. It is searchable by legislator, keyword, and 32 subject categories, so users can create their own custom "voting record guide."
The biggest obstacle to "We the people" actually having a say in our government is the fact that we don't a.) know what bills are even being written, and b.) most people, including the legislators themselves, can hardly understand the bills due to the vast amounts of legal jargon. This website gives us all a wonderful and free gift: the gift of knowledge and the gift of information, so that we can defend our views and positions, so that we know in which direction to go, and whether we need to walk or run.

Check out those websites and try to set aside even just 10 minutes per day to read about some of the legislation that our "representatives" in Olympia are creating, debating, and passing. The most lethal weapon we have is knowledge; do not disarm yourself willingly.

*It is really petty, but I get so annoyed that she goes by "Chris." I just know it is because she wants to appear tough, or slightly tomboyish; as though going by a guy's name brings her more gravitas and strength.


  1. When the Obama-bots show up asking for your pledge to support Obamas policies tell them this-

    "Our governments role is to protect the rights of the people, it does not exist to protect the the people from our responsibilities, and it should never be sending out legions of people to to coerce others into pledging blind allegiance to a president!"

  2. Thanks for the excellent resources! I have added them to my favorites to keep track of legislation.

  3. Well Said LibertyforUSA!


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