Thursday, March 5, 2009

Democracy Bonds?

Hahahaaa. The Democrats are funny. Only they would be able to tell such a bald faced lie with such sincerity. After I left my pro-Rush suggestions for the Rush Billboard contest, I started snooping around their website. I found this page about "Democracy Bonds." It's basically tithing to the Democrats. The reason they need these "bonds" is because the evil, rich Republicans raise so much money that the Dems just need every one of us to pony up for them. Check it out:
The Republicans raise $10 million every month from corporate interests and lobbyists. The Democratic Party will never be able to compete in the traditional ways with a party that has abandoned the people and taken selling access and influence to a new level.But we can do it if half a million people are giving $20 a month to change the way our political process works.
Hmmmmm.... if I remember correctly, Obama was called "The Billion Dollar Man" due to his raking in of almost one billion dollars for his campaign. While many will try to say that it was just the work of all the people Liberty Belle! It was the little people giving $5 or $10, and there were just so many of them giving just what they could that he was able to raise so much! I will just list a few links for you to peruse to remind you of the scandles behind his donations that should have rocked the political world, but did not for some suspicious reason. I will also leave you some links about the gigantic influx of money into the Democrat's coffers from corporate interests, lobbyists and other wealthy financiers.

And please, the RNC would be pi$$ing themselves if they were able to raise that kind of money. I'd like to see where Dean got that information from because right now it seems like he just made that up out of thin air.

Donation Fraud Links:

Lobbyist and Corporate Donation Links:

That's enough for now. I just wanted to show how insanely laughable Howard Dean's poor-me sentiments are compared to you know, reality.

Keep on fighting the disinformation campaign folks. The Democrats are FAR from the party of the little people. They despise the little person. That much is evident in their treatment of Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, and every other bitter, gun- and religion-clinging member of the chattering class.


  1. This is so infuriating. Obama totally violated campaign laws by deliberately disabling the online donation mechanism that would have required that the donor's address match up with his/her credit card billing address. The whole world knows this, but he will never be even chastised by the FEC, the "watchdog" media, or the electorate. And don't even get me started on Dem Sugar Daddy George Soros, Big Union Bosses, Big Special Interests (like Trial Lawyers), etc. Thanks for shining the light on this Democratic Deception once again.

  2. It *is* totally infuriating. I am so tired of hearing how Republicans are the fat cats and that the Democrats are the underdogs. The article below breaks down how much the AFL-CIO unions contributed to the Democratic party. (oh, and Biden just had a "secret" meeting with them!)

  3. There are many mistaken statements above. Firs of all, Obama's campaign strategy of relying on small donations comes out of the Democracy Bond idea. It was started by Dean when he took leadership of the party. Obama got the idea for the small internet donations from Dean's succesful use of the same model.

    Second, unions are groups of workers that pool their money to have influence. Union money is much smaller than coporate money. Any review of the funding streams to both groups clearly reveals that the Republicans have a smaller, but richer base, while the Dems have a broader, but poorer base. Now, it is true that there was a slight re-alignment this previous election, with Republicans really just picking up the middle-upper class group (between 200,000 and 250,000), while Obama took a majority of what's above and below that. However, that represents more the fact that the Republican party is so disorganized right now, and that Obama is an exceptional candidate that most reasonable Americans can agree on (reasonable conservatives and democrats alike.) But none of that really changes the basic fact that Big Money is not the Democratic group. If you want experience this, go hang out in Democratic fundraising circles. Go to an SEIU meeting, or a Seirra club meeting, or Planned PArenthood... etc. The Democractic "base" is simply more working and middle class. (Obviously there are some big ticket donators (Warrern Buffett, etc.), but the "base" is otherwise.) While Republican groups, even the base, is often more well-off (which is, once again, not to discount the poor Republicans who often vote on social issues.)


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