Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Example of the Arrogant Hypocrisy of Socialists

Let's get this out there: socialists and Democrats are hypocrites. Hyp - O - crites.  Allow me to list but a few instances, culminating with our very own Governor Chris(tine) Gregoire. 

The Nominee Tax Evaders:
  • Timothy Geithner - Obama cabinet nominee tax evader
  • Hilda Solis - Obama cabinet nominee tax evader
  • Tom Daschle - Obama cabinet nominee tax evader
  • Nancy Killefer - Obama cabinet nominee tax evader
  • Ron Kirk - Obama cabinet nominee tax evader (this article states that Kirk is the fourth Obama nominee to have evaded paying taxes, but actually he is the fifth, FYI to the LA Times)
The Sweetheart Mortgage Recipients:
  • Chris Dodd (D) - received a sweetheart mortgage deal from Country Wide, a company who's practices and relationship with Fannie Mae added to the housing mess.  Dodd is also the guy who gets to write the laws governing Country Wide's market, and who received the largest contributions from Frannie Mae itself.
  • Barack Obama (D) - received a sweetheart mortgage deal from Northern Trust, and was the third highest recipient of contributions from, you guessed it Fannie Mae (and after only a couple of hundred days in the Senate!) Obama's campaign also owes various cities across the US money for services rendered.
And last but certainly not least:
  • Charlie Rangel (D) - tax evader and the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (means he writes the tax code we all "have" to follow...) 
These people SHOULD NOT be allowed near any sort of legislative, executive, or judicial post. They willfully break the law by underreporting earnings, employing undocumented workers, or taking "sweetheart" mortgage rates not available to the rest of us, and they should not be allowed to govern! They are hypocrites because these are all the same people that demand that "the rich" pay more in taxes. They are the hypocrites that want to use YOUR money for THEIR social experiments and restructuring. They are the hypocrites that will rob you blind while not paying their own fair share. They are the hypocrites that stand on the floor of the House or the Senate, or at some campaign rally, and scream about how unfair it is that some people have more money than others, fomenting dangerous class envy for their own power hungry purposes. These are the hypocrites that demonize Wall Street and investors for even thinking about making money and wanting to keep most of it. Talk about audacity.

This is why socialism is a horrible idea. The naive and easily led masses believe that all class distinctions and income disparities will melt away, and that we all live equally in a peaceful utopia. What they fail to realize is that while we all become squatters living in filth with meager incomes, the government officials will be eating steak and drinking champagne in their warm, large mansions. While we will all be forced to use public transportation, the government officials will be riding around in their own private jets. At least in a capitalistic society, every single person has the opportunity to prosper. In a socialistic/communistic society, one can only be prosperous if one curries favor with those in power. That's it folks. That is it. That is the only way you and your family will be allowed to prosper. It's sickening that so many decent, compassionate, intelligent people fall for this faux utopia that will never, ever be able to exist so long as human beings are fallible and imperfect.

Now on to a very local, personal, specific example of this hypocrisy in action. As it states in my bio, I am engaged to be married (yippeeeeeee!!!) and my fiance and I are SO excited. While we would love to have a big wedding with all of our friends and family, and have a lovely sit down dinner with nice champagne, we are being realistic and trying to avoid being in debt just for a wedding. It will be a very modest affair, with a lot less people than we wanted, and held in a place a little further away from home that is a little smaller and a little older. However, I know it will be fantastic, and honestly, I only need my family, my fiance and his family to make it a perfect day. 

In another part of Washington however, an extraordinarily lavish wedding took place recently. I was flipping through the Winter 2009 publication of Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom, given to us at a registry event (I would never pay $5.99 for this rag), and I came across the section, "Real Weddings." Guess who the first story was about? The Governor's daughter Courtney Gregoire (whom I attended Girl's State with in high school, but that's another story) married Scott Lindsay on August 9th, 2008. Here are some details.

  • Scott and Courtney are both attorneys and met at their firm
  • The rings were from Tiffany & Co.
  • He proposed at her family's cabin in Idaho (so the Gregoire's have a second home)
  • There were 225 guests in attendance
  • The menu: Fresh caught regional seafood, Washington wine, locally grown produce, and as the hours wore on, they provided mini-burgers topped with blue cheese and caramelized onions.
  • The cake: Pink champagne cake with raspberry filling, and orange with buttercream
  • Favorite moment: it had been raining all day, but when Courtney and her father stepped out of the Governor's Mansion, a ray of sunshine came out
  • Out-of-town guests found gift bags waiting for them in their hotel rooms
  • Favors for guests: Chocolates made by friends that own a candy business
  • Honeymoon destination: Cook Islands and New Zealand
Why bring this up you might ask? Because Governor Gregoire and her entire party leadership dare to tell us that none of us should aspire to something as elegant and expensive as this. And you know this was a VERY expensive wedding. How dare she, and other Democrats, scold us and tell us that we don't have the right to keep our money in order to provide for our families in this same way! My parents would love to be able to provide this kind of wedding for their daughters, but they cannot. And that's fine! I do not envy the Gregoire's wealth. 

I don't give a rat's you-know-what about how other people live their lives or what they choose to do with their money. Good for them for having a wonderful and lovely wedding. I do however, deeply resent her hypocritical policies of taxing everyone else in order to pay for her social programming of choice. How dare she speak of raising taxes to pay for the $8 billion deficit that her mismanagement created, all while scolding the rest of us for "not caring" about the disadvantaged in our communities. Where is her compassion for all the poor people the Democrats always drags out as examples of the inequity of capitalism? Why did they not opt for a small, private, modest wedding and donate the rest to charity? I wonder what all of the poor Seattle residents that are duped into voting Democrat would think about her family's extravagance? 

Why is it acceptable for Christine Gregoire to splurge on her family, but regular American citizens are greedy, selfish and villainous for wanting to splurge on theirs?

I'm so frustrated by the gargantuan hypocrisy and two-faced policies of the left. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. Ugh. I don't even want to write more on this tonight. These people leave a bad taste in my mouth. Governor Gregoire, next time you want to scold and punish a small business owner who is providing jobs for our residents, and who is struggling to make ends meet as a result of the over-taxation of private business in this state, go look up the definition of HYPOCRITE in the dictionary and take a long, hard look in the mirror. But then again, it's hard to take that moment when you're busy spending other people's money.


  1. Don't forget Barney Frank and the Fannie Mae debacle.

    Let's face it. We have wolves standing guard over the hen house, or so the cliche goes.

    And our own Senators, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, ignore the Constitution and vote for S. 160 which gives Washington, D.C. a House seat a voting representative when our Constitution says only states can vote. So when did D.C. become a state?

    Governor Gregoire thinking of running for 3rd term? *runs screaming from room*

  2. So in the fact that president Obama wants to assure some healthcare to those 40 millions of americans (a number equivalent to the whole spanish population, something that puts the biggest and oldest democracy on earth to shame) who don't have any, you see a communist menace?
    Obviously you don' t know what a REAL communist society looks like: a place where freedom of speech and press are abolished, and opponents are exiled or imprisoned.
    Are you really persuaded that rising income taxes to the affluent parts of the society, will bring about all this?
    We western europeans have introduced health care for all, and other welfare reforms, decades ago. Do you think countries like Germany, France, Italy or UK are communist ones, or that their citizens are denied the opportunity to prosper?
    I think conservative americans should be more cautious, more "choosy" with the terms they use, if they want to sound credible.


  3. Well let me tell you...the ACORN doesn't fall far from the tree...wonder what kind of tax evasion we might find sniffing around 'Barry' if the media were so inclined to explore...hmmm...I wish upon YOU many blessings for your wedding and thank you for standing up to help people like me to stand up too!! Was at the President's Day Protest with my 'conservative dog' and LOVED it!! Missed the Tea Party but was there in spirit :) Just heard your song and wondered if you'd consider making up verses and singing to the tunes of 'Santa Baby' but subbing of course...Obama Baby? Hee hee!!

  4. So much wish Rossi was running our state now.
    I can't imagine Gregoire getting elected to a third term. I would need to move to Texas.

  5. You are right Dan-- Texas, here we come...

  6. G.Guelfi,

    You think a government run national health care is so great? Why the heck should the government get involved with my health care? Who made them physicians all of a sudden? Do you think the government knows what's best for my medical care more than my physician does?

    All you hear Obama say is it will bring costs down and make it affordable for everyone. Sure it will! Because the government is concerned about one thing and that's the COST of health care, not whether or not you need a medical treatment that the government will decide is just too expensive to have, so you end up either being put on a waiting list or your physician can't give you the treatment.

    Are you kidding me? This is NOT the answer to solving our health care red tape problems in America.

    You wanna bet this national health care program they're trying to push through doesn't end up being nothing more than a rationed health care system?

    The bottom line with national health care is COST SAVINGS. AFFORDABLE. That doesn't always equate to QUALITY health care.

    Butt out of my physician's decisions on what's best for my medical care. The government is not the doctor with the medical degree that knows what's needed to help the patient.

    On top of that, I don't want my medical records in some nationwide database for the government. If you like that system, great. If you're not already there, move to Europe then.


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