Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hello, hello, hello to everyone across the nation who is stopping by!! Welcome! You are all going to be so excited when I tell you about the response I've been getting about the Seattle Action Network. People from all over are emailing me and posting messages here! We exist!! You are not alone! Do not despair. Seriously, this "action network" idea is something we have to do in every city in every state, and connect those networks together. Then we will connect the state action networks to create a national network of real people who are committed to getting out of the house and working as a group to find the path back to freedom! I am SO EXCITED!!! If you have thought about starting something in your city - DO IT! Start making signs now so you are prepared if there is a last minute protest in your city. If you want to start now, but there hasn't been a rally to collect email addresses, start an action network with your friends and family, or any like-minded individual that you know, even if it is only one other person.

Know how I started? By getting involved in my local Young Republicans group. Go to Meetup and search for Republican, or conservative, or liberty, or any of the buzz words and your city name. That is how I found my group, and that is how I increased my network by almost 40 people in an instant. Don't wait for the leadership to do anything, you have to do it yourself. They'll catch on eventually. I found that when I actually started meeting with people in real life - not just online - that we started to get things done, and I started to feel empowered to speak up and become, dare I say it, an activist!

We are truly the party of the little guy, so let's show 'em just how loud us little guys can be.


  1. Great post!

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  2. I'd like to encourage people to go to the comments sections of our various media outlets and talk this up. In addition to Seattle Times, I just posted links to this site and Michelle Malkin's on the KOMO board. (One in response to the Olympia protest)


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