Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tidying Up

*The Facebook group is up and running ladies and gents! Just search for "Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty: A Seattle Action Network." Also, you can friend me on FB; you'll find me under the name Liberty Belle and my profile photo is of, you guessed it, the Liberty Bell.

*Working on the Seattle Tea Party event. I am brainstorming ideas with a couple of people who have jumped on board as organizers (SO AWESOME) and we are thinking that the Seattle event will have to be on Saturday as so many of us work, and I know I will not be able to get the day off on Friday (darn jobs...) Look for those details soon.

*Someone in the comments asked who sang the Janis Joplin/Obama parody song, and where they could download it. Well, it was written by me, with some help from my family and fiance, and sung by lil' ol' me. The pictures in the slide show were from the various protests around the country that were held last week (thank you to all of the photographers). Can you believe it has yet to be ONE FULL week from the Seattle protest?? I feel like so much has happened and changed. I'm amazed. As for downloading the song, it is on Youtube, but I don't know how you can download from there. If anyone knows more about that stuff, go ahead and leave a comment.

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  1. Looking forward to the Seattle Tea Party. Loved Rick Santelli's video. We will see more of this as the libs reveal their true colors. The mortgage "solution" being proposed boils down to the leftists picking winners and losers, deciding who has merit, who is deserving of help and who is not. Obama told us he would do this when he said he wanted judges who had 'compassion' and would decide each case based on the specifics of that case. This undermines the Rule of Law (caps intentional) that our entire legal system is based on. When winners and losers are picked, these decisions must be enforced with the power of the state. The democrats are interested in the power to run our lives. The American people will not stand for this.


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