Monday, February 23, 2009

Tidying Up - Monday Night

*Hit a snaffu with the email list for the action network. The service I am using is very thorough and secure (a great thing) and so needs time for verification of me, basically. Everything is all ready to be sent out, so as soon as we get the word from the provider, the inaugural email of our Seattle Action Network will be sent out! Hooray!

*The Seattle Tea Party is definitely ON! I am waiting for confirmation on the site and the time. Most likely it will be held at Westlake Park again, around lunchtime, on Friday, February 27th. The Facebook event is here. For those of you not on Facebook, I will post the info on this blog, and on other people's blogs as well. Check out the grandfather of the tea parties!

*PLEASE check out the guest posts below by Ma and Pa LibertyBelle. They are some of the most well read and educated-on-the-issues people in this country. They are also helping me out a lot by writing up some legislation alert posts, complete with analysis of what these bills actually mean to you and me.

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