Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Protest is for ALL AMERICANS

Ha ha ha. Some busy body in Seattle who writes for a DIY news site here wrote an article about the protest because she stumbled across it and found it, "oddly comical." That is such an unsurprising response from your typical liberal, middle-aged, mocha drinking, Nordstrom's wearing, PCC shopping, haughty Seattleite who probably felt so darn proud that she wore an Obama pin for months, and raised a glass of real, fair trade, organic, French champagne on Inauguration day. It cracked me up. In her "analysis" of my posting of the protest, she says I did not say what it was about, but then states that it is obviously just a Republican protest and is most definitely not a protest against the stimulus. Huh? Nice try lady. If she actually did her homework, she would have found that this is a call to arms for anyone and everyone who would like to keep this nation and all her people prosperous and successful. 

She also thought it funny that my suggestion to "think like a left-wing college student" was funny for some reason. Something about that I didn't think my fellow Republicans knew how to express themselves. I don't really know what she was about expressing oneself clearly... OH SNAP. However, I actually do think this is true. We aren't used to expressing our views, especially in liberal bastions like Seattle. Part of that comes from the supposed "tolerance" of the liberals here that is really more like a punch to the throat, complete with disdain, scorn, and the eventual exile of the Conservative. And when I referred to learning about dissent over the last eight years, I meant that the anti-war protesters did not just protest on their blogs. They got out into the streets and made a stink, which is what we are about to do ladies and gents!

So I hope Patty, or Kathy, or Chelsea, or whatever her name was, enjoys the view while she sits at the Starbuck's next to Westlake Park, with her venti mocha and her laptop, and has fun looking down her nose at people while simultaneously mischaracterizing them and patting herself on the back.

Remember, this protest is for you regardless of party or labels if you think this bill was/is an abomination and fundamentally unconstitutional. 


  1. Awesome! I will try to be there! We have to stand up as a people to fight the theft of the future, and fight for the vision of America created by the Founding Fathers.

  2. Excuse me if this comment comes across as rude but what the heck is this looney tunes liberal nutcase going on about, i.e. Kristy S-Y from DIY? Doesn't she have an IQ high enough to comprehend at all what this protest is actually about? I read her laughable rant and she has no clue what this is about. But it doesn't surprise me in the least. I have noticed a consistency of whining, ranting, and oh yes, frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog whenever the fringe far left liberals attempt to speak. If she disagrees with this protest, that's her right. But she can at least attempt to show SOME intelligence by at least understanding exactly what the issue of this protest is rather than blabber on about republicans and the war and whatever else runs through the ghosts in her head. Get a clue and know the facts before you start typing again, Kristy S-Y. Typical fanatical liberal not knowing what they whine about.

  3. The biggest problem with protests like this is that people who care are people with real jobs. It seems that only the liberals who work for non-profits or people living off the government can attend protests in the middle of the day.

    I think may be I should send our spendaholic Senators a tea bag with a note that says "Time for a change".

  4. you said "That is such an unsurprising response from your typical liberal, middle-aged, mocha drinking, Nordstrom's wearing, PCC shopping, haughty Seattleite..."

    i hate that stereo-type because i am a deeply conservative-republican-almost middle-aged-mocha-drinking-PCC-shopping-organic-buying South Sounder...
    Conservatives love mochas too! And shop at PCC...and buy organic. We're just not extremist self-haters who think everyone has to think/behave like us and if they don't then hate them illogically too. plus, we know how to read a blog post and figure out what a protest is about...

  5. I thought liberals drank green tea and fair-trade coffee....


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