Monday, February 23, 2009

Tea Party and More

Great news! That "tea party" we've been hearing so much about is really picking up steam. On facebook there is already a group, and in real life there is already a lot of momentum. This means it will be even easier to organize our event in Seattle, and it also means that we have a duty to assist this movement by representing the Northwest. Never say no when a friend asks for help, right? Again, I'm still working on the details of when exactly, and where exactly, but keep checking back. I will also be sending out the first email for our action network tomorrow sometime, so make sure it doesn't go to your spam folder. I am new to this, so hopefully I can pull it off without too many glitches. I should take a moment to thank my fiance who has put in many, many hours to help me with everything from making signs, to just supporting me, to typing up all of the email addresses, to giving me ideas, and on and on. He is WONDERFUL. 

More to come tomorrow. I know I keep saying that I will post some info about upcoming legislation, and I will. It has been a very busy weekend, and now with the tea party planning, it is getting pushed further behind. However, I will get to it as there are some important bills out there right now. Without discussing it for now, check out Bill 1718 in Washington State. It's got all sorts of nasty little fascist policies concerning private businesses and new environmental regulations.

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  1. I havetried "" to send my email address to you but it doesn't work. Any suggestions? Is there an error in my typing? Really want to get on board w/all of you.


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