Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Start Local

Hey everyone: just one more for this afternoon, though there may be more tonight.

It is almost impossible to start a national movement from nothing. We will build one through local connections and networks. Build one in your town, even if it is just you, your spouse and one friend. You will find more, but not unless you look. Do it now.



  1. Hi, my name is Steve. I live in one of those crazy Seattle neighborhoods with signs for Obama, Hillary, and even Kucinich. Needless to say, my doctor has notice a severe increase in my blood pressure over the last few months!

    Anyway, as rough as it has been, we conservatives can use that frustration to our advantage. The recent cohesion of the House Republicans against the "Spending Bill" and the election of Michael Steele as head of the RNC, has given me some hope that we can arise from the ashes a stronger party, promoting conservative ideals and common sense decision making with which this country was founded.

    Keli is one of many sparks that will ignite a fire. So let's keep our heads up, because we all know that the Democrats are going to overreach with more and more spending and broken promises, so get ready to ride a wave of desire for conservative financial decisions by more and more Americans.

    Your fellow conservative, Steve

  2. I agree with everything You say. Iwant to get people in My area to stand up for their beliefs
    as you are doing.I am going to try to do just that.
    Phil in NC

  3. Way to go Girl keep it up.

  4. Hello I will be standing by a busy street in Spanaway with a sign for a few hours this weekend. I am just a regular guy who loves America and who understands that at this time phone calls, letters and emails are not enough, I must make contact with those who live around me and tell those willing to listen, why I am greatly concerned about our willingness to stand by and lose our country. I would like anyone to join me if they can, once again, I am just a regular guy who knows change comes from the bottom up. I will be on the corner of 176th and Canyon road.Thank god for America.


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