Monday, February 16, 2009

So, so proud - happy, satisfied, tired, RILED UP!!!

Hey! Just back from the rally! Thank you SO SO SO much to everyone who made this possible: from my family, my fiance, everyone who took the time out of their day to make signs and show up, to all the bloggers and talk show hosts like Michelle Malkin and Kirby Wilbur (who was very ill and could not make the rally unfortunately - best wishes to him and hope he feels better soon!)

A very, very special thank you to Michelle Malkin for buying everyone there pulled pork bbq!!! That was just the nicest thing anyone could do - and we got to say the word "pork" a lot! :) As a side note to this, we had some pork left over and my fiance gave it to a homeless shelter nearby. So, unfortunately for the left, a bona fide conservative fed the homeless today. 

And an extra, extra special, gigantic THANK YOU to Steve Beren. When I first emailed him, along with dozens of other people, he got back to me in about 5 minutes! He was so supportive and enthusiastic and it made this first-timer feel much more at ease. He is an energetic, knowledgeable, articulate man who is a major boon to the Seattle conservative movement. So thank you again Steve. Side note: Steve used to be a radical lefty back in the day! Glad to have him our side now!

To all the negative nellies: I am not unaware of the fact that this protest appears to be "too little, too late," however, the point of this protest was not to stop the bill, as I knew it wouldn't change their minds. We also were not given very much time to organize large events - remember, this all started only two or three weeks ago!! They made darn sure that it would be hard to organize so quickly.

Rather, this rally was held to spark something, and in particular, to spark something in Seattle. Non-liberals do exist here but we are quiet and disjointed. There were actually over 100 people there and I got most, if not all, of their email addresses in order to start a Seattle Action Network. If every city and town had one too, then we could be more effective in fighting Obama and his dictatorial tendencies. I remembered something I heard during the buildup to the election: whenever Obama held a rally, a get-together, a bake-off, a whine-fest, whatever, they collected email addresses and phone numbers. In fact, you weren't allowed into some of the events until you had first given up this contact information. So I thought, boom, that's it. That's what we have to start doing too, so that we can actually meet up in real life, rather than just online.

Also we HAVE been doing things to voice opposition since this bill was announced. We have been calling, faxing, writing, etc., but our legislators didn't even have the decency to empty out their voicemail boxes, and after a while we couldn't even leave any messages. It wasn't until I realized that they weren't even pretending to listen that I knew we had to do something different.

Let me ask all this of the people who think the time spent on voicing our dissent was wasted time: what are you doing to stop these things from happening?

All in all, this event brought a bunch of us together, it reinvigorated those of us that felt so overwhelmed, it proved that though we may be out, we are most defiantly not down, and it gave us a starting point from which we can leap to great heights. We now know, as does Obama, that we will not take this corrupt power grab and forceful shove towards socialism without a fight, and that we will grow louder and louder and stronger and stronger as time goes on. 

Again, thanks to all who came out and who helped get the word out. We even had someone from Idaho who drove all the way out here to take part. I will give Obama one thing, community organizing is tough work. But I guess I'm qualified to be President now, after all, I'm also international, having lived in four other countries...

For approximately the billionth time in my life, I am proud of my country. SNAP!


  1. You are awesomely awesome.

    We are all up against a massive organization - aka Obama/acorn. They get paid to protest, but their passion only goes as far as their paycheck.

    Bless you for reminding us all where our passion comes from - our love of the USA - all of it.

  2. Well done,
    Though I could not attend I was definitely there in spirit. Please visit for tips on how we need to organize and grow starting with local issue. Next time we will have several groups hundreds strong show!

  3. Thanks for protesting today! I wanted to participate yet couldn't get away from work. It must have felt good considering that our representatives didn't listen to us.

  4. Wow! I just found your website and I'm so thankful!!! I'm a conservative in Seattle and just wanted to say there are more like you. We are just VERY quite. ;) I just heard about the protest from Michelle Malkin, else I would have attended. Good luck and I've bookmarked your website!

  5. Waiting now to see coverage on MSM websites of your tremendous and worthwhile effort. Miss Belle, I salute you!

  6. You are legend! I would have joined you but I'm down here in Southern California. Thank you for your work setting this up, though. It's good to see!


  7. Looks like a fantastic outting!

    God Bless all who who showed up!!!!

    I went down to the capitol building in Sacramento with my ‘HONK! if you hate the stimulus’ sign.

    What a fantastic experience! I got so much support from drivers and pedestrians alike - and only 3 idiots claimed to love the stimulus.

    On the back of the sign I put ‘Palin 2012′.

    I was surprised to see there was an anti-Prop 8 rally on the grounds. I chose a yellow sign with black (and red) lettering - apparently yellow and black are the colors of the ‘Yes on 8′ crowd. Oops!

    That made things pretty interesting. At one point I walked into the anti-8 rally and got jeered a little, then some officers came over and told me I had to leave. I asked why since I wasn’t taking a stance on the Prop 8 issue.

    Basically I was told I chose the wrong color scheme for my sign and had to leave. I guess these anti-prop 8 folks are some pretty vociferous ’signists’. They judge you based upon the color of your sign.

    That was pretty pathetic IMO. Stop the hate, anti-8′ers.

    I met one woman (gorgeous!) and her cute as a button daughter from Alaska, so I talked with them for a few minutes about Sarah and Governors and what not.

    They planned on visiting the capitol, but with the way the anti-8 crowd was acting she did not wish to endanger her child so they went to the Gov mansion instead.

    They must put something special in the water up there. I am quite impressed with these Alaskan women!

    At one point as the festivities concluded a group of anti-8 types asked me to show my ‘Palin 2012′ sign so they could take a picture of me. I refused - and they seemed a little surprised that I saw thru their ploy so quickly.

    They wanted to see my yellow and black Palin sign so they could paint me as a Palin supporting ‘Yes on 8′ hatemonger.

    I held the sign ‘Palin 2012′ side close to my body to foil their photographic smear tactics.

    Once I ‘outted’ them on their little plan they turned on me. I don’t think they like to be ‘outted’.

    I enjoyed that little moment greatly. That happened right at 3 - my planned quitting time. I decided to pull a Costanza and leave on a high note.

    Earlier I did pose for a photo displaying my ‘Palin 2012′ sign to one local rag. I decided if they posted my photo and tried to misrepresent my demonstration I would sue the pants off them. Since they seem to delight in publishing names and addresses of Prop 8 supporters - they would be falsely slandering me and putting me in danger.

    I also talked to the ‘Yes on 8′ crowd. They were all very pleasant individuals, and supportive of both my stimulus protest and Palin in 2012.

    Strangely, I was approached by both sides of the Prop 8 issue with pro-Ron Paul sentiments. He’s not for me.

  8. What a great start!! You had a large crowd for such a short notice and did all of the right things to get the word out, Which can only mean the next rally will be an even bigger success than this one! Let this be our Concord, let our
    conservative revolution start here!

  9. I don't know, I feel kind of uneasy about this, it seems to me that this comes uncomfortably close to community organizing. We all know the road to hell that is paved with. El Presidente Obama was a community organizer, aren't we spose to be better then him? I hate the idea of my state getting money to pay for things as much as the next good dittohead, but it seems to me that trying to community organize will put us all in hell.


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