Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Update 2: My co-organizers have been busy, busy, busy and hard at work preparing for the tea party. Thank you ladies!!! The Little Liberty Tea Wrappers (as I call them!) are online!! Go here for the jpg, and here for the pdf. Print some out to wrap around your tea bags that we are going to send to Washington D.C. I believe that we will bring some to use as well. Also, check out the new website that my co-organizer created as a clearinghouse (and more) for our movement.

Update: The official national tea party movement has a list of sign slogans here, a page of solid talking points here, and a partial list of pork items in the porkulus bill here. Hit print (as Robert Gibbs so condescendingly told Rick Santelli) and bring 'em with you!!!


Rick Santelli created a firestorm when he spoke the truth about the billions - no - trillions of dollars being wasted by the current administration, who are, as Rick stated, "rewarding bad behavior."

On Friday, February 27th, 2009, Americans will once again throw a tea party to revolt against her government's excessive taxation, not only without representation, but also without deliberation.

When: Friday, February 27th, 2009
Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Where: Westlake Park, 410 Pine St. by the big arch.
WHAT TO BRING: We are having a real tea party during lunch, so bring your lunch, a seat, a blanket; bring a cup of tea (or coffee, sshhh we won't tell), a hat, an umbrella, your sense of fun and patriotism. Most importantly, bring a box of tea bags. We will provide you with Little Liberty Tea Wrappers printed with messages to President Obama that you can sign. We will then collect all of the tea bags and send them on to Washington D.C. Also, if you can bring a pen and maybe a stapler...that would help.

Bring signs with economic messages. We want to remain focused and united on this cause. While there are many issues deserving of attention, the main thrust of this protest is to reclaim our rights as taxpayers.

This event is not only a time to show our dissent, but also a time to socialize and network with other like-minded individuals. It is meant to be a fun lunch hour on a (hopefully sunny) Friday afternoon. We will voice our opinions and tell our President and his administration, using our First Amendment rights, that REVOLUTION IS BREWING and that we will no longer stand by while our economy becomes annexed by the government.

This event is open to everyone, regardless of political party affiliation. Politicians of both major parties seem to have forgotten that they work for us, and that their duty is to use our tax dollars honestly and efficiently. Do not let a label keep you from demanding integrity from our elected officials.

Welcome to your official Seattle Tea Party site.

For more information about the Nationwide Tea Party Movement, check out these websites:
PJTV Tea Party
Official Tea Party


  1. I wish I were in Seattle. I would be there in a heartbeat! I applaude you for what you're doing!Please let those of us in other areas know how to organize this type of effort.

    Trish Nelson
    Omaha, NE

  2. Please correct the Seattle Tea Party link, to ...


    Your bad link goes to some calendar item, which doesn't work.

  3. Thank you FreeRangeAuthor!! (sshhh I am still learning the ways of the blogger...) :)

  4. Damn...I really want to go to one of these. I have to work though. That's the problem with conservatives...we have jobs!

  5. Keep up the great work Belle


  6. HI. Just heard you on the Roger Hedgecock show. I am talking up the San Diego Tea Party on Friday. Good luck to you.

    I would love to go but I have to work also.

    Welcome to the blogosphere.


  7. For those of us who are not native Seattleites, can you provide us some good suggestions for parking locations nearby? I don't mind paying (hopefully they're inexpensive) but I certainly don't want to spend an hour circling on the confusing criss-cross of one way streets Seattle seems to have been founded on.

  8. I'll be with you in spirit (I also have to work)! Keep up the good fight!

  9. Parking... I don't know specific locations of random parking lots that are nearby, but there are a couple of parking garage in that area. One is between 3rd and 4th around Pike and Olive. There is one under/near Pacific Place Mall, and one near the Macy's possibly. There are quite a few in that downtown area. Sorry I can't be more helpful!!

  10. As a real estate broker, mortgage broker(no liar loans/no income verification loans ever originated in over 20yrs) and three business owner I am sickened by the lack of fiscal responsibility by politicians on both sides of the isle. I say have them put there money where their mounth is. Divide the room with our President, Vice Pres., speaker of the house, all senators and congressman who voted for the recent stimilus package and offer them a 50% pay increase, provided there recently(and futuretobe inacted) inacted programs work. Consequently, if they do not work(must be clearly defined what constitutes "worked"), then they need to take a 50% pay cut. They are all telling us how this is going to work, then they should have absolutely no problem with the offer. Unless they put their money where their mouth is, then it's just talk. You also notice how everything was voted and passed without any specific details on how much it would cost, how long it would take to pay back the debt (amortized) and where is the money coming from to pay for it. It can only come from taxes, regardless where the expenditures borrowed money comes from and today you are just starting to get a snap shot view of how we are going to be taxed. If 50% of the country does not pay any income tax at all, how about getting them to pay something. How about $500 a year($41.66 per month) x 150,000,000= $7.5Billion in tax revenue. Not a bad price to pay to live in the USA. Look at those numbers and equate it to the trillions slated for spending and the numbers are alarming at it relates to the proposed money slated for disbursement. The proposed plan will just perpetuate the housing decline and further the economic crisis. I say we shut down the country, just like the unions do with let's say Boeing and demand fiscal repsonsibility. Then we will have their attention.

    Oh, by the way I have a 12th grade education, worked sometimes endless hours(multiple 30+ hour days/no sleep) and started with $0 in my pocket and no help from my parents, so you could say I am just a bit pissed off. I hope that this Seattle party has some effect, I am calling a bunch of my friends and asking them to attend.

  11. Way to go- great idea. My husband and I have run a small business for 25 years by working hard, paying outrageous medical insurance premiums, B and O, self-employed taxes, scraped to get four kids through college by paying cash, have a home we can afford, and have no debt- and Obama considers us rich! I think a large scale revolt by millions on April 15th might work

  12. To Anonymous Parker; Don't know where you are coming from but I'm riding Metro Express from Eastgate P&R. No parking required! Less $ than what the toll will be...hmmm do you think they want me to back the transit cash cow? I should drive my Hummer H3 just to piss them off while I can still afford the gas!

  13. Just called King 5, asked if they have any information about the Seattle Tea party, they said no and when I mentioned that I heard about it on Fox News, which I did, the King 5 person said "Fox news" and proceeded to laugh.

  14. Thank you for your vision, enthusiam and hard work. I heard you on the radio (still available here in Northern California the land of almost complete liberal insanity) and what a breath of fresh air. I am with you in spirit and hope. May God through your rally enlighten the nation as to what Obamunism is up to.

  15. This doesn't surprise me - see you all at the next rally. JC

    FBI Spied on TEA Party Americans

    See http://homelandsecurityus.com/?p=2659

    19 April 2009: Even as average Americans were planning to get out in towns and cities to demonstrate against Big Government and Big Taxes, Federal Bureau of Intelligence Investigation (FBI) surveillance was being unleashed upon them. In fact, unsuspecting Tax Day TEA Party participants were being closely watched during the demonstration planning stages in a covert operation that began on or about March 23, 2009.

    If you one of the estimated 750,000 Americans who attended one of about 600 TEA parties last week, you might have seen media cameras covering the event. Media cameras, however, were not the only cameras taking video at these events, something that has at least one current FBI agent concerned over the future of America. According to this agent - the same agent who provided the Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN) exclusively the unreleased photographs of the 11 missing Egyptian students who were the subject of a FBI BOLO in August 2006–placed his concerns for true patriots of the U.S. over his own career when he confided that covert surveillance was “planned and performed” at each of the TEA parties that took place last Tuesday.

    “Listen to what I am saying,” stated the source during an interview with Doug Hagmann, founder (NEIN). “The Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Assessment that is receiving so much attention is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and the true patriotic citizens of this country are on the Titanic. This is what bothers me. But is goes far beyond that assessment. There have been very significant changes made over the last few years that redirect the focus and assets of the intelligence community internally. These changes have greatly accelerated under this administration, and the threats have been redefined to include those who used to be called patriots. It’s not only chilling but absolutely insulting to God-fearing Americans.”

    According to this unimpeachable source, a single-page confidential directive issued by the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC (FBIHQ) was sent to each of the 56 field offices located across the United States on or about March 23, 2009, instructing the Special Agents in Charge (SACs) of those offices to verify the date, time and location of each TEA Party within their region and supply that information to FBI headquarters in Washington. The source stated this correspondence termed the TEA parties “political demonstrations,” and added that the dissemination of the directive was very tightly controlled. “Not all agents were privy to this correspondence,” stated the source, who compared the dissemination to an older “Do Not File” classification.

    In addition to obtaining or confirming the location and time of each “demonstration,” each field office was instructed to obtain or confirm the identity of the individual(s) involved in the actual planning and coordination of the event in each specific region, and include the local or regional Internet web site address, if any. The information collected by region was then reportedly sent to FBI Headquarters.

    The source alleges that a second directive was issued on or about April 6, 2009 that reportedly instructed each SAC to coordinate and conduct, either at the field office level and/or with the appropriate resident agency, covert video surveillance and data collection of the participants of the TEA parties. Surveillance was to be performed from “discreet fixed or mobile positions” and was to be performed “independently and outside of the purview of local law enforcement.”

    Although the level of detail collected from each operation is unclear, the information was reportedly submitted to Washington, where, “at the level of the National Security Branch (NSB), this information was to “include the office of the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), and integrated with a restricted access database, one that reportedly is accessible to only two agencies” [of the 14 agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community, according to the source.

    “The implications to the citizens of the U.S. are ominous. It seems that there is a hostile political agenda coming from Washington that characterizes the supporters of our constitutional freedoms as threats to our domestic security, which is totally absurd. The redirection, the refocusing of domestic threats from al Qaeda cells to ‘flag waving right-wingers’ is something that has gone from a murmur a few years ago to a roar today.”

    Training government-issued cameras on ordinary citizens, many of whom brought their children to an estimated 600 Tax Day TEA Parties is a page torn out of George Orwell’s 1984 and makes the term “God Bless America” more meaningful than ever.

    The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press expect the government’s denial of the surveillance of the TEA Parties to go viral as soon as this story is posted.



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