Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Russia Warns US to Stay Away from Socialism and More

A few links for you to devour:

Putin puts the smack down on Obie.

Our new state department's view on a dictator's ability to swindle the people into giving him the ultimate power: no term limits. There are plenty of people who are afraid that the election was fraudulent as well. Sorry, but this makes me s-p-i-t-t-i-n-g ANGRY. This man steals, literally, by force (using the military) land and wealth from hard-working, law abiding people and gives it away to someone else. So all of the people getting free stuff love him (hmmmm... sounds familiar doesn't it?) and yet no one seems to understand that there is still an "upper" class - Chavez and all of his cronys.

The difference between a socialist or communist country and a democratic capitalist country like ours isn't that their nations are free from class/income levels, it is that the the only prosperous people are the dictator and his friends, and the only manner in which regular joe's can move up in the world is to curry favor with the man himself. At least in a capitalist nation, anyone, with enough hard work and a little luck, can become prosperous. WHY DON"T PEOPLE GET THIS???? Ugh... blood pressure check. Don't forget that they are already trying to get rid of term limits for our dictator - oops - I meant president. That link is not a joke people. The Democrats have submitted this for r-e-a-l.

Hahahahahahahaha - for a little fun check out this cartoon.

We have to be vigilant my friends. It is exhausting, but we have no choice. They don't seem to need sleep... maybe they are evil robots from the future sent here to destroy us...

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  1. You do realize that this measure to repeal the 22'nd Amendment was introduced when President Bush was in office, don't you? Which dictator did you mean, again?


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