Thursday, February 19, 2009

The MSM and Hollywood: Digging Their Own Graves

I often think about how ironic it is that the mainstream media and Hollywood, and "artists" in general, for the most part are uber liberals who support socialistic candidates and policies. The irony comes into place when you look at the history of socialist or communist nations and their stranglehold on the "arts." (Socialism being an ever so slightly less malignant form of communism; it is still cancer but it just takes longer for you to die.) The first people to really be affected negatively by these types of policies are the media and the artists. They are the first ones that have to start censoring themselves, they are the first ones that start to get censored by the government, they are the first ones that have to, for example, start performing state sponsored/approved plays.

It has absolutely happened in every Sommulist (Socialist + Communist, cute, right?) nation throughout history. Even right now in Europe, in the Netherlands, politically correct "hate speech" laws are not only censoring artists, but are actually criminalizing them for speaking out on senstive issues! Have you guys ever seen the movie, "The Lives of Others?" It is about the East German Stasi monitoring people, especially the artists and playwrites, and requiring them to tow the party line. It is a really good film and really makes you think, if that happened before, there is no reason it can't happen again. Particularly when we already possess the initial symptoms of this cancer with all of our "politically correct" newspeak. (File "politically correct" under the same column as "social justice," as vocabulary versions of fingernails on a chalkboard.)

This brings me to yet another disturbing example of self censoring that the MSM is doing so as not to tarnish the image of their blessed messiah, Obama. There have been Porkulus Protests in THREE cities thus far. Has the national, mainstream news really talked about it at all? Again, imagine if Bush had been signing a controversial bill and three protests had occurred with a few days of the signing and of each other. Mark my words, it would be ALL OVER the national news. But now, barely a peep. Like I have been saying, let's Keep Media Honest! You need to be calling your local news stations as well as the national shows relentlessly, asking them why they are not covering this movement. If we don't complain, they will never, ever have a reason to think about changing their ways.

Lastly, Big Sis Libertybelle has informed me that Julia Roberts would be just tickled pink to set up a play date with her kids and the Obama's girls. This is the same woman that entertained us all with her witty reparte at a Democratic fundraiser for Al Gore in 2000 at Radio City Hall in New York City when she joked, "Republican comes in the dictionary just after reptile and just above repugnant..." and then everyone just about died sugar! She also said this, "The man's [Bush] embarrassing. He's not my president and he never will be either." There are no words to describe a nasty, stuck-up, self-righteous, ill-mannered actress whose $20 Million per picture salary is drawn from the wallets of those she mocks. Oh wait, I guess I did find some words.

And in case Julia ever looks at this: I find it embarrassing when my president (because yes, I have class and technically Obama is my president) thinks there are 57 states, and who sits in a church pew for 20 years listening to racist dogma, and who thinks everyone shops at Whole Foods, and finally, it is excruciatingly embarrassing to have a president that thinks it is his right to STEAL from one portion of the citizenry so he can give gifts to a different portion of the citizenry so that he may gain their undying love, devotion, and buckets of drool. SNAP.

All of this Hollywood talk reminds me of an article that was on Big Hollywood the other day. The author, Brett Joshpe, suggests that perhaps Hollywood starlets and starstuds should get their salaries capped by the government too. After all, it's not fair that they make so much money for such a ridiculously fun and easy job (I know, I do acting for fun on the side) while other people don't even have homes or health insurance... Plus, Hollywood's Obots are the ones that donate a lot of money to the DNC and go around stumping for Democratic candidates, so obviously they must believe in redistributing wealth via government mandate, right?


  1. That must be why you always see them at the scene of natural disasters, handing out "Benji's" to the victims. Oh, wait... Obama doesn't care about the Katrina Victims anymore; Louisiana is a "red" state. Good thing they have Bobby Jindal for a Governor or they'd really be scr*w'd.

  2. Those lib movie stars are anti-American and hypocrites. Only proud of their country when "their" president wins. They fly around the world in private jets then preach to you about conservation. I quit watching their movies and boycott products they endorse years ago.

  3. Liberalism is the bumper sticker politics of emotional outrage. They beat their chests and proclaim their superior wisdom and virtue to the great unwashed masses who are not to be trusted. Their policies have failed over and over again, but their ideology is more important to them than reality. No matter how badly the people they claim to care about are hurt by their constant attempts at social engineering, their narcissism and fervent belief in some notion of 'fairness' blinds them to the wreckage in their wake. I am sick and tired of being lectured by the likes of Barney Frank, Maria Cantwell, Pelosi, Obama and the rest of them. This is our country and we will take it back from these leftists who want to destroy us. I want to recommend three books by Thomas Sowell: 'A Conflict of Visions', 'The Vision of the Annointed' and 'The Quest for Cosmic Justice.'

  4. If the Hollywood types are so supportive of their fellow Americans, why are there no protests about the number of movies, t.v. series etc. made just across the border in Vancouver? They are made there specifically to avoid paying union rates to the "little people" on the films. I don't Julia or any of her ilk insisting the gaffers, cutters and best boys get their due.

  5. Great post, Liberty Belle.

    I too am embarrassed to have Obama as President because the man is so immature and inexperienced. He needs to grow up and stop badmouthing the economy and throwing fear around like a giant cloak. He needs to grow up. In a warped way he is a child of privilege, albeit the affirmative action type which carries with it the growth inhibiting message of entitlement. Whereas, the wealthy political clans of, say, the Bush's and the Kennedy's for all their political differences were weaned on the concept of noblesse oblige or with great wealth and power come great responsibility. Obama's psyche just is not mature enough to handle the power he has and it is mighty unnerving to live in his America.

    And, yea, what a powerful idea to extend salary caps to the Hollywood elite. Of course their bloated salaries are sucking the poor dry if, as in the warped world of liberal economic thinking, the giant salaries of corporate CEOs are doing.

    You go, Liberty Belle. I am so psyched to find you on the Net because your focus on free market economics and small government is just what the doctor ordered for this economy, now to get that message out. Have you seen this powerful video at Reason: Slumdog Thousandaire?

  6. "All of this Hollywood talk reminds me of an article that was on Big Hollywood the other day. The author, Brett Joshpe, suggests that perhaps Hollywood starlets and starstuds should get their salaries capped by the government too."

    Yes, I read that post too and is a fine idea. I have a facebook group promoting a $500,000.00 Salary Cap for movie stars and if you hear back from Julia Roberts tell her that she's welcome to join...



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