Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Reasons to Attend the Protest on Monday

1. The final conference bill was released and posted Thursday night, after midnight. When did the House vote? Friday morning!!! When did the senate vote? Friday afternoon!! How long is the bill? Over 1,000 pages. When was the last time you read more than 1,000 pages while you were sleeping? Or perhaps in roughly four hours? Especially when the reading is dense, legal legislation? Yeah me neither.

2. Your doctor will now be required to go to the government's Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Cost Effectiveness for permission to treat you. The 15 member panel appointed by our President, will begin to determine whether or not the cost of your continued health or life is worth it to society as a whole. There was about 400 flipping pages of legislation within this supposed economic stimulus bill with policy changes like this one. The God policy one might call it. We are theeeees close to nationalized, rationed healthcare. This will disproportionately affect the elderly and the very ill. What a sad, sad day. This alone is reason enough for you to get out there with me on Monday.

3. One of commenters on this site mentioned that he/she is a registered Democrat, but believes in some Republican ideals like smaller government, and that this bill is an AMERICAN issue, not a left or right issue. This person is TOTALLY CORRECT. It is shameful that President Obama, Pelosi, and Reid (the Three Little Piggies anyone?...ahem) are trying to paint the people who disagree with this bill as people "who don't care about American families." I thought we were in a post-partisan time now. Why can't the 3P's accept that the people who oppose it do so for valid reasons? This is about all of us, no matter what your label. Be there to voice your opposition, with a true variety of people.

4. Though it has passed both the House and the Senate, and the President will sign it into law on Monday (hey, we get to protest it THE day he signs it!) if we don't show our opposition, they will think they can do whatever they want. Just imagine it! The 3P's will rub their hands together in glee thinking, we did it, we did it, we did it - now, what else can we do? So let's get out there and show them there is nothing else they will get away with.

5. Protesting against this Porkulus will give much needed support to the brave Representatives and Senators that voted no. Don't let their bravery go to waste. Stand up with them on Monday.

6. Anti-war protests went on for 5 years, and still do today. That movement probably gave Bush quite the headache. Let's be Obama's headache. I want to be his persistent, relentless, grating, temple-pounding headache for the next four years. And ladies and gentlemen, if we can do that, then there will perhaps not be a second four years of Obama, and that, my friends, is well worth the trouble.

7. The Wall Street Journal calls this bill The Entitlement Stimulus. Explain to me how that is economic stimulus. As Scar Emanuel said, "Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are an opportunity to big things." They're doing it people. Big things. 

8. Lastly, check out this Reagan/Obama "debate" from The Anchoress. It is poignant and sad to think how far we have moved from the truly radical ideas of individual freedom and liberty that our founding fathers envisioned, and for which they fought and died. Let's not let this country regress without a FIGHT.

And so, like I said before: BRING IT!!!

Get a piggy nose or ears if you can. Let's show these porkers that we are mad and we sure aren't going to take it anymore.



  1. I think I'll spend my effort to burn the 3 Republican Senators, who voted for this, out of office next election.

    Protesting over the barn which has burned to the foundation doesn't get rid of the arsonists, in our own house, who burned it down.

    As you point out in #6, 5 years of street tantrums never changed Executive Policy - only the next election did that.

    But have fun anyway ...

  2. Liberty Belle,

    I like where you're going with all this, and wish I could be there on Monday. I heard about the rally when I was driving thru Seattle on Friday. I'm in Sandpoint, Idaha now on a sales trip. Let's get in touch somehow. I want to do the same types of protests in Sacramento, where I live. Also, see my blog, Stand Up and B Counted

  3. Praises to you from a conservative living on the liberal island of Austin, Texas!

  4. High praises from a conservative living on the liberal island of Austin, Texas. We need to do this all over the country!

  5. you are a true patriot.

    in the coming days, weeks, months, and years you will be remembered as one of the first claps of thunder, presaging the storm.

    I hope you have a good turnout, but even if you stand alone today, more will come later...

    A country should be the product of its economy, not a govt built at the expense of its economy.

    this is something that transcends political parties, when it should be defining them.

  6. This stimulus bill is such a huge mistake. This will allow government to become bigger and I'm very worried about where this bill takes our health care in this country. I absolutely do not want a government health care system because I don't believe it will end up being either well managed (just look at our social security system... they can't even manage that) but I think what this bill pushes is a "rationed" health care system, meaning senior citizens, among other groups, will be discriminated against and receive minimal health care or be denied services they may need but the government does not feel it's worth paying for. Go back and youtube some of Obama's speeches on health care and seniors and listen carefully.

    With this bill, all physicians will be forced to comply or they can't participate in this government mandated health care system. And it will be up to this federal bureaucracy to decide what treatment will be approved. Since when does the government know better what a patient needs more than the physician?

    Plus where is the "transparency" promised American citizens would be honored? That Americans would have time to view proposals and enter into the discussion before any votes are done? Why did they deliver over a thousand pages of the bill the night before the vote that happened this past Friday? No one had time to read it.

    I'm very concerned about the future of our country and where it's headed. We need to stay vigilant.

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  8. I will be working, and this unable to attend, but I have linked to the announcement.

    Ahem. Deleted my original post, because I linked to wrong post on my blog. I meant to link to Quote of the Day, and stuff, in which I quote Gateway Pundit pointing out The Annointed One's promise to ensure that all bills that cross his desk are posted online for all to see for five days before he signs them... "No more secrecy", dontcha know?

  9. Dear Keli:

    It's interesting to read your comments now, two and a half years later. Of course, many of your comments were wrong when you said them in Feb 2009 (for instance, there is no such thing as the 15 member death panel you described). More to the point, the dire prognostications have simply not panned out. The stimulus plan worked and saved us from another serious depression. Granted, there could have been more done in the way of mortgage relief. If anything, there should have been funding for public works and infrastructure along the lines of the WPA and TVA, but that is on its way. I haven't read every blog entry since Feb 2009, but I imagine there must be some acknowledgment along the way that the federal government plays a crucial role in the economic condition of our country. Anyway, it is interesting to think how your comments have engendered political discussion amongst the rank and file, despite the debt ceiling debacle.

    Yours truly,


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